The privacy of a person is an important matter. This is especially true in a workplace, where one gives up some form of independence in order to work for a profitable business. Businesses have an obligation to keep track of what their people are doing, and this monitoring can be intrusive or non-intrusive. And sometimes,

Physical Servers Or Cloud-Based Servers? When you are considering information technology workloads, the server that you choose will determine what type of performance you can expect. Virtual servers are ideal when your priorities are scalability and flexibility. IT companies typically use them for new applications with cloud technology and unknown computational needs. IT professionals tasked

The software market is full of online shopping cart software applications you can purchase for a reasonable amount of money. While they may offer many short-term benefits, it’s important to search for Internet shopping cart software applications that offer your firm the best long-term value. Here are some useful tips for finding shopping cart software

Project management tools are a necessity for large companies and small businesses, allowing for a streamlined process for any project imaginable, whether it be creating an ad at an advertising agency, or creating a website for a marketing firm. Tasks can be laid out in the correct order so as to make everything run smoothly

Salesforce customers who are using their Wave Analytics platform now have a seamless way to gain access to data stored with on cloud-based bid data warehouses or in on-premise Hadoop clusters. The launch of connectors in partnership with Google, Cloudera, New Relic and Hortonworks among others has enabled faster big data integration and support. The

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