Advertise With Shane Strong has changed the way it does advertising. As you can see the sidebar has ad blocks that you can now purchase through another company. This company is known as Buy Sell Ads. They are a great company in the web advertising industry and can be found on sites like Besides these two ways to advertise with Shane Strong you can also submit posts. Shane Strong is looking to advance the advertisement on the site to bring in more traffic and more content. If anyone has ideas for better advertisements they are welcomed.

Posting On Shane Strong

Sorry no more free postings. With the over abundance of submissions we have missed quite a few of your articles. To help make sure that we no longer miss the great content that you are submitting all articles will cost $50 to publish.

If you would like to submit an article for consideration to be published on ShaneStrong, you can contact us and you must follow the below requirements:

1) Article must be 100% unique, 1 of a kind.
2) Article must be at least 400 words in length.
3) Article can contain 2-3 external links and all links must pertain to the content.

Any article that are suspected of not being unique will not get a response. If at any point any of the links produce a 404 error or any other page/server error the link will go inactive automatically.

We are accepting only Web related articles in (Design, Development, Coding, HTML, CSS, PHP, RUBY, Rails, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Mobile, WordPress, Expression Engine, Content Management Systems, Business, Marketing, SEO, SEM, Alexa, Google). If you have a question if your article would be a fit just shoot me a email and I will let you know.

We are also looking for InfoGraphics, Videos, Tutorials, and Series.

Ad Blocks with Shane Strong

In order to purchase a ad block through Shane Strong now you must register with Buy Sell Ads. You can find my listing at Shane’s Listing. With the change of my block ads the price has also changed. It has dropped quite a bit and your block ads will appear on every page and are controlled by

Please if you have any questions about any of these ways to advertise please use the form below to contact me. If you have a blog post please use the form below also.

Thank You God Bless

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