Physical Servers Or Cloud-Based Servers? When you are considering information technology workloads, the server that you choose will determine what type of performance you can expect. Virtual servers are ideal when your priorities are scalability and flexibility. IT companies typically use them for new applications with cloud technology and unknown computational needs. IT professionals tasked

In the year 2013 and development of a ton of WordPress website I have seen a constant issue with typical hosting providers. I am talking about those really cheap providers that are all the same BlueHost, Hostmonster, JustHost, GoDaddy, DreamHost, etc. There are a couple issue that I find are kind of big issues with

With technology being so advanced these days, it’s no wonder that anyone and their uncles are attempting to hack into websites. As many as 30,000 websites are hacked each day. We look into 11 reasons why websites are so easy to hack into, even your mom may be tempted to do it (just be sure

Websites are getting hacked more and more. Most of the time the owner would have no clue they were even hacked. Most hacks(backdoors, viruses, worms, ect.) don’t take down your website. They actually use your website to help there websites. Some of the more recent hacks end up making all your search engine traffic redirect