Whether running an e-commerce shop or a company website, optimization is one of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy. Creating a search engine friendly environment greatly improves user experience, thus boosting online traffic and driving sales, which are paramount to the overall success of your venture. Search engine optimization is arguably one of

So you decided to finally revamp or build a new website for your company or business. This is a complicated task, and it might be a bit overwhelming to look at the thousands of companies on the Internet offering web design services to find the perfect match for your particular case. In this article, we

“When accessibility is ingrained in your company culture, it’s easier to predict opportunities for accessibility and avoid non-compliant communications or processes.” www.brailleworks.com, May 2017 Section 508 is an amendment that was made to the 1973 Workforce Rehabilitation Act. Section 508 states that all federal agencies and institutions that receive federal funding are required by law

Web hosting makes your website visible on the Internet. Think of the Internet as land and web hosting services providers as landlords. If you want to sit on that land, then you acquire the services of one of them. Web hosting companies make your website visible and keep it running so your clients can access

Local Search Engine Optimization has grown extensively in the last decades. In most cases, it is normally regarded as the same with organic SEO but the two are totally different from one another. Every small and large-scale business can promote their business and attract more customers through Local Search Engine Optimization. Local Search Engine Optimization

Working remotely is one of the fastest growing perks in the working world. It’s something that people talk about a lot, and it’s a solution to the “work/life balance” problem that bothers so many people. Most of us have asked the question, “Why do I work so hard?” For some people, there are many sides