Project management tools are a necessity for large companies and small businesses, allowing for a streamlined process for any project imaginable, whether it be creating an ad at an advertising agency, or creating a website for a marketing firm. Tasks can be laid out in the correct order so as to make everything run smoothly without certain steps taking place before the appointed time, thereby allowing for considerably fewer errors throughout the entirety of the process. One of the best project management software solutions available is Wrike. It is built to serve a wide variety of purposes and consumers – whether it be an actual project manager who needs to create tasks and subtasks, or for marketers who have a specific list of tasks that need to be done in a specific order. If you wise to have a timeline view of your projects, they have a special Gantt Chart feature so you can view upcoming deadlines and milestones. Wrike has such a wide variety of uses for small or large groups of people with different versions available to fit the specific need of each group. If you are a small group looking for a low-level project management tool there is the free program, for a small to medium sized group who needs advanced project management tools, there is the $49.99 option or the $99.99 option, or if there is a large group of people who needs the advanced task management there is the enterprise version.

Wrike Management Science

Wrike Management Science

Project management isn’t all too complicated, but Wrike has it worked down to a science. They have several books available on their site which explains many of the complications or tricks to making project management less of a hassle. Not only is the project management worked down to a science, but Wrike can help with a variety of project management styles. In addition to their free eBooks, Wrike also has a blog on project management that reveals project management tips and best practices.

Wrike Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Wrike provides something that any smartphone owner loves: a mobile app for iOS and Android systems. With these apps, people can check their tasks on the go, so they don’t have to send out countless emails asking for status updates. Another feature Wrike provides for the avid tech user is a Chrome extension that could be used for a variety of things. One example of the use of the extension is finding a person to fill a group opening on a site like LinkedIn. With the Chrome extension, the user could have a job application sent to the possible applicant by just using the chrome extension rather than having to send it to them personally via email or navigating back to the Wrike website and doing so. The extension increases efficiency with such tasks and makes Wrike even easier to use. Wrike is available in ten different languages which makes Wrike not only an excellent project management system, but also an excellent project management software for teams of people who don’t all speak and read the same language.

Wrike Affiliates

Wrike provides an affiliate program for their own users who have a large social media following, or even a website owner who would like to make some extra cash. The program is cut and dry, no crazy percentages or odd structures. Just the simple $100 for each paid professional subscription and $200 for each paid enterprise subscription.

Wrike Software for All

Wrike is a perfect solution for all, whether it be small and large companies who need project management tools, or website owners/social media influencers who want to make some money by leading companies and other groups to Wrike. The perfect solution for anyone and helpful project management tips and tricks available on their blog.