I really want to become someone who can be known for a really cool design. I really enjoy sitting down and just coming up with new designs and teaching myself new things. Well I have been designing WordPress Themes and Backgrounds in my off time that are for free.

WordPress Themes

All of my themes are free to download and all that I ask for in return is some input on what I would do different. Most of my older ones are not that good but if you want something really simplistic, they are for you. I really would like to design all my themes myself but I am not that good. So I am asking anyone who has a mock-up for a theme I would love to see it and develop it for you. All that I ask is that there would be a link to my site in the footer and I get to showcase it on my site and possibly sell a custom version in the future.

If you have any themes that you would like me to take a shot at. Please send the psd to shane and I will get back with you in at least 2 business days if I am able to develop it.