Employee Monitoring Software: Protecting Your Privacy in the Workplace

The privacy of a person is an important matter. This is especially true in a workplace, where one gives up some form of independence in order to work for a profitable business. Businesses have an obligation to keep track of what their people are doing, and this monitoring can be intrusive or non-intrusive. And sometimes, privacy is violated in an instance of fraudulent crime. Certain tools such as software can prevent this by guarding against inappropriate data access. The programs available at Teramind.co are a great resource, given the ease of setup and competitive pricing. The tools can use the Cloud or a network to track Privileged Users to ensure they are not accessing personal data. The system uses key logging or active desktop monitoring to ensure that certain employees are not acting in a malicious manner. Using these tools can save a business a significant amount of money by guarding against crime and reducing instances of non-work related activities. Teramind has created a very flexible product to meet any sort of need.

  • The employees of a business do not have the expectation of normal privacy, given that they are there to complete a service.
  • Some form of monitoring, of which the vast majority of businesses engage in, is both a legal and practical matter to guard against improper or illegal activities.
  • This monitoring applies to physical location monitoring, emails, or other electronic observations.
  • Personal data is generally exempted from this, and many businesses have rules about accessing personal and other confidential data.
  • Often this data is targeted by white collar crime and other fraudulent activities.
  • Businesses monitor their employees to guard against this sort of theft in order to protect themselves from liability.
  • Privacy is therefore a concern for all employees, not just upper-level ones like managers or administrators.
  • The concerns about privacy can be mitigated when businesses take a proactive role in protecting their resources.
  • Employee monitoring software is a very convenient way for a business to observe and watch out for improper activities.
  • Teramind offers an advanced and flexible system to monitor computer usage and keystrokes.
  • Automatic alerts and account shut-outs are how the system operates when it recognizes improper usage.
  • It can even be used to monitor Privileged User accounts such as those used by IT administrators
  • Such software is incredibly easy for a business to activate, and it will operate on computer networks or over the Cloud.
  • Besides guarding against fraud, the system can also watch for employees and make sure they are keeping on track.
  • The protection, peace of mind, and productivity increases makes it a very high return on investment for business owners.
  • Once again, the software at https://www.teramind.co/ is a great resource, guaranteed to offer plenty of positive resources.
  • The prices are on a tier level, and the offers ongoing support for all of a business’ needs.
  • Using it can safeguard against loss of private and confidential data on the part of employees.