SEO – Search Engine Optimization

I feel that the best way for a client to make money on SEO is to have monthly advancements. What does this mean? Well I feel that you really have to continually change your SEO tactics until they fit your situation. In order to do this you have to do one thing and then give it a while and come back to it. This is how you find out what is working and what need to change. In order to get a good start with SEO on a site I believe that you need at least 10 hours a month for about 3 months. This will give you the best results for your money.

If you would like to start a monthly plan with Shane Strong please contact me with how much you have and how long you would like. My rates for SEO is $50 an hour. I do offer deals for non-profit companies and deals for long term clients.

You may also want to do a one time beginners package. This will give you 8 pages, up to 10 keywords for each page, custom description, alt tags, and titles. You can get this for $500. For more information please contact me.

Google Ads

Google Ads are a great way to get your site fast traffic and fast impressions. To start a Adwords Campaign through me it cost $40 an hour. This does not include what you are willing to spend a month in advertising. For more information please contact me.

Search Engine Submission

Having your site submitted to all different search engines is a must. I charge a one time cost of $180. This includes submissions to all the top Search Engines (GOOGLE, BING, YAHOO, ASK, ect). It also includes 20 other search engines. What you will get? You will get screen shots of the confirmation of submission of your site from 10 search engines including the top ones. For more information please contact me.

WordPress Site

WordPress Themes: blogging platform that has also become a simple CMS.

  • Web Design: $1500 (includes 3 pages: home, post, page)
  • Development: $1500 (includes 3 pages: home, post, page)
  • Modification: $1000 (re-development of existing theme)
  • Additional: $500 per page (design + development)

Hand Coded Website

  • Web Design: $2000 (includes 5 pages: home, about, contact, and your choice of the other.)
  • Development: $2000 (includes pages of design)
  • Additional Pages: $250
  • Modification: $50/hour (re-developing of existing website)