I will be putting out some really modern and more complex wallpapers. These are really easy to implement as your wallpaper just find the size that you need depending on your monitor size and then download it. After you put it in a place that you would like it to be just right click and set as desktop wallpaper. It is that ease. I am making these for traditional sizes 1024×768, 800×600, 1600×1200, and 1280×1024. Also I am adding a double wide one that will be 2560×1024 for those of you with multiple monitors. Have fun and spread around the news of these wallpapers. If you have any requests or would like any personal wallpapers please go to my contact page.

Wallpaper Blue Smoke

Blue Smoke 800x600 (1174 downloads) Blue Smoke 1024x768 (1135 downloads) Blue Smoke 1280x1024 (1130 downloads) Blue Smoke 1600x1200 (1107 downloads) Blue Smoke 2560x1024 (1107 downloads)

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Wallpaper Green Smoke

Green Smoke 800x600 (1101 downloads) Green Smoke 1024x768 (1077 downloads) Green Smoke 1280x1024 (1115 downloads) Green Smoke 1600x1200 (1099 downloads) Green Smoke 2560x1024 (1120 downloads)


Wallpaper Pink Smoke

Pink Smoke 800x600 (1141 downloads) Pink Smoke 1024x768 (1134 downloads) Pink Smoke 1280x1024 (1096 downloads) Pink Smoke 1600x1200 (1040 downloads) Pink Smoke 2560x1024 (1116 downloads)

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Wallpaper Red Smoke

Red Smoke 800x600 (1099 downloads) Red Smoke 1024x768 (1154 downloads) Red Smoke 1280x1024 (1091 downloads) Red Smoke 1600x1200 (1083 downloads) Red Smoke 2560x1024 (1102 downloads)

If you have any wallpapers that you would like to post on here you can submit them to me at my contact page in order for your wallpaper to get submitted it must be in all five sizes stated at the top of this page.