Massive changes occurred in social media during 2014. New platforms were created, advertising strategies and platforms continued to develop, and more people were using social media than ever before. The numbers, as always, tell the story: in 2014, approximately 1.79 billion people were using social media, and those numbers are expected to increase to 2.5

Social media presents a tremendous opportunity for all kinds of ventures, and that includes freelancing. Freelancers can leverage the power of social networking sites to reach more clients, reaffirm their existing relationships with clients, get gigs, and provide excellent and timely customer service. However, not all freelancers are using social media to its fullest potential.

Social Media has served itself as one of the finest platforms for promoting business products and services. You can leverage the power of social media for elevating your customer base by an incredible level. Prior to utilizing social media for marketing your business, it is vital that you get acquainted with certain laws that are

Ever since its inception in the year 2006, Twitter hasn’t stopped surprising internet users. With each year marking the introduction of a brand new feature, Twitter has already become the number one choice of people who love online social networking and blogging. Amongst the vast pool of features supported by Twitter, the very recent one