Top 10 Laws Pertaining To Social Media Marketing

Social Media has served itself as one of the finest platforms for promoting business products and services. You can leverage the power of social media for elevating your customer base by an incredible level. Prior to utilizing social media for marketing your business, it is vital that you get acquainted with certain laws that are related to this online promotional methodology. Staying at bay from these social media marketing laws will probably make things complicated for you. In this blog, I’ve showcased 10 social media marketing laws that will assist you in building a strong foundation for your brand and customers.

Social Media Marketing Law No.1 – The Law of Focus


Well, as the foremost law, it is vital for every online entrepreneur to focus on a specific social media marketing and/or content marketing strategy. Getting involved with several web-based marketing methodologies can easily ruin the online reputation of your business organization and leave you empty handed.

Social Media Marketing Law No.2 – The Law of Listening


Listening works better than talking when it comes to attaining success with social media marketing. It is recommended to go through the web content of your targeted audience and join discussion forums that’ll aid you in finding everything that’s of value to them. Once you’re able to get the vibe of your target audience, you’ll be able to manage your social media profiles in a brilliant way.

Social Media Marketing Law No.3 – The Law of Patience


Social media success isn’t possible overnight. As an online merchant, it is recommended to keep your cool while waiting for the results. Social media is a big world and in order to gain your niche, it is pivotal to continue with your business promotional efforts without getting frustrated.

Social Media Marketing Law No.4 – The Law of Value


Mere promotion of products and services via social media won’t serve your purpose of building a brand. It is crucial to add value to all the conversations held over the social media platform. With a greater emphasis on creating engaging content, it would become simpler for you to develop relationships with the potential customers.

Social Media Marketing Law No.5 – The Law of Accessibility


Social media marketers who disappear after publishing a piece of content fall down in the eyes of customers. If you want to receive response for your social media marketing efforts, make sure to be available to your audience. To put it more simply, ensure to answer all queries raised by people, participate in conversations and leave no chance of staying connected to your audience.

Social Media Marketing Law No.6 – The Law of Acknowledgment


Acknowledgement is the key to amazing social media marketing success. Quite similar to the way you acknowledge a person who reaches out to you in person, don’t forget to do it online as well. By acknowledging everyone who visits you online, you grow your chances of building strong relationships with potential customers.

Social Media Marketing Law No.7 – The Law of Influence


Influence works as the magic wand for connecting with people who’re genuinely interested in your products and services. It is highly beneficial if you’re able to find online influencers in your market who already have a high-quality audience and are likely to recommend your business products/services to their fellow entrepreneurs.

Social Media Marketing Law No.8 – The Law of Reciprocity


Social Media Marketing expects you to share other people’s content in order to receive appreciations for yours. So, instead of spending all your time sharing your posts, spend some hours on sharing and talking about content that’s been published by others. Doing this will incredibly improve your social media presence and help you gain an edge over your competitors.

Social Media Marketing Law No.9 – The Law of Compounding


As per this law, if you choose to publish rich-quality content on your website, then your followers will likely share the same with their own audiences available on different social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. This will help you get noticed by search engines and open up more potential ways for customers to find you online.

Social Media Marketing Law No.10 – The Law of Quality


Quality always surpasses quantity. In-line with this saying, it is better to have 1,000 online connections who’re genuinely reading, sharing and talking about your content than 100,000 connections who disappear after connecting with you for the very first time.

Summing Up

Now you’ve them all, the 10 social media marketing laws you’d definitely not want to miss. So, go ahead and follow these laws seriously to hone the success rate of your social media marketing campaign.


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