When it comes to finding an advertising agency that will work for you – really work for you – big isn’t always best. While the largest agencies will be quick to tell you about economies of scale and range of services, they probably won’t be quite so open about the far higher cost of using

Social media presents a tremendous opportunity for all kinds of ventures, and that includes freelancing. Freelancers can leverage the power of social networking sites to reach more clients, reaffirm their existing relationships with clients, get gigs, and provide excellent and timely customer service. However, not all freelancers are using social media to its fullest potential.

Almost everyone has an online website. In fact, if you search carefully, you will find millions of websites selling the same products under different brand names. Ideally, all of these websites should be popular and they should be getting enough business to keep them running. However, this does not happen and no one really knows