Among the many challenges facing online freelancers, few are as important as protecting an idea from theft. Intellectual property laws have been put in place to provide an incentive for creators to produce works for mass consumption by ensuring they are paid for their efforts. A law firm like Quinn & Scattini that specialize in

Almost everyone has an online website. In fact, if you search carefully, you will find millions of websites selling the same products under different brand names. Ideally, all of these websites should be popular and they should be getting enough business to keep them running. However, this does not happen and no one really knows

With technology being so advanced these days, it’s no wonder that anyone and their uncles are attempting to hack into websites. As many as 30,000 websites are hacked each day. We look into 11 reasons why websites are so easy to hack into, even your mom may be tempted to do it (just be sure