As a business (or even just a person trying to get stuff done) being productive, or encourage others to be productive can be difficult. If you’ve started a business on your own, or even if you haven’t, it’s always something you can work on. Whether that is motivating your staff or encouraging efficiency, there are a myriad of ways to function better as a business. Here are some options to help you do more at work-


One way is to use industry specific management software. Whatever industry you’re in, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll need software that functions in the same way as another. Take the aerospace industry for example, as individual businesses they function very differently to a bakery or a fashion designer. There are therefore pieces of software tailored specific to your industry, for example, salon appointment software will focus on organizing client appointments and reminding them of them. Within the wider scope of industry specific software, there are different product segments, such as, finance and expense software, and service or supply chain management that can help streamline your operations so you can focus on the job in hand.

Artificial Sky Panels

Apparently, people work better under open sky (presuming it doesn’t rain). So some clever person has invented artificial sky panels, available on eBay, so you can have an open sky, beach, mountains and a range of patterns over your head in your office. Created with LEDs, they are also eye-friendly with low visual fatigue.


Wireless gadgets mean that there are no unsightly tangles cluttering up your desk, meaning that you’ll feel minimalist and calm, ready to take on the day. A wireless keyboard and mouse are good for meetings and for when you need to be a little bit further away from your computer.

Combination Gadgets

Gadgets that do things instead of one are firstly, cooler, and secondly, they can help you do stuff quicker. The HP eStation printer combines full Web browsing with printing, faxing without a phone line, copying and scanning. The detachable touchscreen doubles as a wireless digital companion and control panel for remote printing, so you can print something without having to over to the machine.

Time Savers

DYMO CardScan Executive is a business card reader that will save you the hassle of having to type in new contacts each time you meet someone new. It isn’t cheap, but if time is money then it’ll be well worth the cost.

The Obvious

If you’re stuck at a desk all day it is easy just to sit down and literally not move for seven or eight hours. However, if what you’re trying to do is get more work done, then you’re going about it the wrong way. Having regular breaks, not just away from the monitor but gentle exercise- even walking to the water cooler- can help. Your brain simply can’t concentrate for that long. Write a to-do list. Then priorities it, and do it in that order.