Photo by Jeremy Keith/ Flickr Are you needing to find high quality freelance writers? They’re actually pretty rare, but we have ten different places you can find them. If you know where to look, this is only half the battle. For the really good writers, you’re going to need to make sure you pay them

Panda and Penguin are algorithms that have been introduced and updated by search engine giant Google over the course of the last two years. For many bloggers working with old timey SEO tactics or those that have been sloppy in developing content, these updates have become a real cause for concern. Even new bloggers need

If you look at search engine optimization, you can call it as an array of different optimization strategies, which also includes article marketing. Content has a great role in any search engine optimization especially after the advent of Penguin and Panda updates. Google has made a number of changes to certain factors, it considers while

Twitter is the best new marketing tool since, well, since Facebook. But you have to know how to use Twitter correctly to avoid being blackballed among the influencers! If you’re a business planning on using Twitter to build your brand, boost notoriety, or simply get your message out there, here are few tips for using