SEO vs Article Marketing: Best Way To Generate More Traffic On Blog

If you look at search engine optimization, you can call it as an array of different optimization strategies, which also includes article marketing. Content has a great role in any search engine optimization especially after the advent of Penguin and Panda updates. Google has made a number of changes to certain factors, it considers while defining the organic ranking. The content, which is fresh, valuable and relevant still has great importance in boosting up the organic placement. However, the goal is not to simply produce content for the sake of keyword rich content. Hence you are not likely to stuff your content with too many keywords in any article. The Google has stringent rule against such content with keyword stuffing as it calls it as a low quality content, which loses ranking. Hence in this way, you can see both SEO and article marketing hand in glove to each other. Both are dependent on each other and a balance of the two can make it as the best way to generate more traffic to your blog. Let’s check it how it goes:

Article marketing without SEO is futile

By simply writing any article or blog post and expecting it goes well in search engines can be called as a pipe dream. Indeed not all such blog posts would have the right impact over search engines, which simply mean you may end up getting sparse and less traffic. In order to cater this requirement and to start getting high search engine rankings make sure you produce articles keeping in mind the search engine optimization element. SEO is some of the best ways to optimize your blog or site content hence search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing can easily pick up and decide the value of your articles and rank accordingly. To start doing this, you simply have to use any tool like Google Keyword tool, and find out the relevant keywords to your niche area and include them in your blog posts. Carry out the audits of several keyword followed by comparing different results of other blogs, which rank for the particular keyword or phrase. If you find any scarce kind of competition make sure you use the keyword in the entire body, title and links to make your articles SEO friendly. A SEO friendly blog post can rank better, which means you have higher chances of getting clicked and find higher traffic.

SEO is not dead with the advent of article or content marketing

You can find a number of bloggers posting articles, which claim that SEO is dead with the advent of article or content marketing ideas; however, the fact is it is still valid and relevant in the post content marketing era. A good balance of these two ideas can really work wonder. The fact is both content and search engine optimization has great importance. Both of these two techniques carry a balanced strategy, which means neither to the omission of the other. But as you dig deep, both competent article marketing strategy and an effective SEO strategy can be called as subtle and could be called as a complex one. In fact, as per experts it can be compared with the game of chess, wherein both the elements (SEO and Content) are pieces over the chess board. However, simply because if you see the game of chess a bit complex, it doesn’t really mean that you cannot play it. Also, you cannot even go straight or right without keeping your pieces for the right way. If you are really smart you can embark with a competent strategy to organize the pieces over the board as per their respective strengths and weaknesses while working together. You would certainly not like to play this game by simply moving the pieces, now that’s the only difference between strategy and tactics.

Compounding your actions to multiply your power

Indeed there is no greater power than employing a multiple array of articles to promote your blog and end up getting huge amount of traffic. In order to compound your actions and simply multiply your power, you are supposed to use the author byline to link different articles and your blog. This tactic is known as link wheel. When you see the search engines reading your blog posts or articles, they simply jump to the others while understanding to the fact that these are pointing out to your blog. In this way, with a good blend of article marketing and SEO, you are able to cater your readers or target audience with articles with additional information, which will prompt them to click via your site. The linkwheels can be called as one of the most powerful methods to drive the traffic with the help of article marketing.

Final word

Hence in this way, you can find both SEO and article marketing play their part in boosting up the ranks over search engine thus giving you more opportunities to get higher traffic. Both of these strategies are part and parcel of each other and cannot be ignored to generate higher traffic.

This Post is written by Kelly. She is a writer/blogger. She writes articles on Technology, Social Media, WordPress, Gamification, travelling and health etc. These days she contributes on luxury celebrity homes