There are many different ways to market your newly-created start up business. You could go house to house handing out discounts to people. You could place ads in the local newspapers, or put up signs all over your drivable area and the list goes on. The difficulty is with those suggestions is that you can only really reach out to your local area. Now if you are a small business, and you want to stay small and live off your local area, then cool.

However if you are looking to make more money and grow to a national level you need to do something bigger. There are some great ways to market yourself on a national or even a global level. Probably the best way is to build yourself a website. With a website you can reach out to everyone that has a computer. So you are looking at almost every household in the US and a lot in other countries.

Building A Website

Almost anyone can build a website. You could just ask your neighbor if they know anyone who builds a website. More times than not, they do, but very rarely can that person build you a professional one. But, if you are really serious about making yourself and your website known you need to find a professional. A company that I work for is Chosen. We are not just a business but we are a small business of experts. We do not charge high prices that you would get at a bigger company or even with a bigger name. Our prices are inexpensive, but our work is of high quality.

We also develop all our customer sites. So you are not getting something from someone halfway around the world. We pride ourselves in helping to build small to mid businesses not just with their website, but with business development altogether. We don’t just build you something and then walk away. We make sure that you are happy with what you get and periodically do checkups with our clients to see if there is anything that needs changing or updated.

Marketing Your Site

Once you have yourself a website you need to market it. Now some people wonder what this means and ask “isn’t getting a website marketing.” Well yes but if you don’t market your site then no one is going to see it. This is where SEO, SEM, sitemap building, PPC and other means of trafficking come into play. I will offer brief descriptions on each.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your site more visible by search engines. This is done with keywords, title tags, alt tags, heading, and other web elements. SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the process of marketing your site with the many different search engines. This takes place by letting these search engine know that you exist. Sitemap Building is the process of creating a sitemap for search engines. A sitemap is a easier and quicker way of showing search engines your site. So the faster they see your site the faster they bring people to your site. Probably the fastest way to build traffic to your site is with PPC or Pay Per Click campaigns. What these are, are the little ads that you see all over sites now. Most of the time they are Google Ads solicited through Google Adsense accounts. The process by you submitting your site with whatever company you are using. Most of the time Google. It also involves you select catchy keywords that best describes your site, and applying them to the account, and in time these words show up in engines, and lead visitors to your site. If someone clicks your ad, you pay for that click, but this can get expensive with the more keywords that you have or can be really cheap.

Probably the next most notable way of marketing your site is through Social Media network sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and others. There are many more ways to market your site and thus ensure it gets seen.


So if you are a company that would like to become a global company all you have to so is get on the web. Once you apply some of the above measures, talked about and you will see your sales climb. Who knows maybe they will climb enough that you can retire and have others run the business.

Website Design , Development, and SEO Marketing

Please check out Chosen. If by chance you are in need of any web design, web development, search engine optimization, editing, content creation or marketing done to one of your sites please feel free to contact me or Chosen. Chosen is a small, but growing national-based firm offering Web Development, Web Design, Web Hosting, Web Editing, and Web Marketing skills. We have done work for clients and companies, by preference, but we also take contract work. We have worked with most of the biggest web companies in the Lansing Area and all the way out to California. We would love to hear from you. Please mention that you came from