Figuring out what to blog about. That is one of the hardest questions most bloggers have to think about. The best thing to do is work on writing a couple posts in a series. Or you could write about a specific topic. Some blogs are easy because they have a very specific thing that they post about. For instance sports blogs, they are probably one of the easiest to post on. That is because there is always different changes happening in the sports world. Another easy one is celebrity gossip. What I am trying to get at with this post isn’t to tell you what to blog about. By no means you should blog about one thing. The best way to blog is try out many different thing to blog about until you find what you like to blog about. Also if you are into SEO or any other marketing strategies. What you blog about can determine how much your site changes in the amount of visitors. For example I primarily blog about SEO, SEM, WordPress, jQuery, and other web stuff. This is some information that I enjoy to blog about and like to share my opinions and experiences with my readers. The reason that you pick things to blog about is so that you site will gain visitors from what you blog about. But if you choose to blog about anything and everything. Then you will not find yourself gaining visitors and consistent followers.

Shane’s Opinions

I personally think that every person should have a blog or a place where they write about what they like. With this it should be a place that anyone can read and comment on. This is a great way to share your opinions about what you blog. This can create conversations that can lead to friendships and even job opportunities. Business owners don’t normally have a lot of time to read different sites but you will find that once they find a site they like. They will keep coming back. Let alone everyone should have there own blog. I feel that with everyone having a blog it will let them share everything they want with the world. If you are looking to get a blog or start a blog. There are a ton of different free sites out there that you can start blogging (blogspot, wordpress, and more). I think the best thing is to not only have a blog but have a website that houses your blog. This should be a personal site that is just about you. What I would recommend if you are in need of a website is to contact chosen. Chosen is a small company that looks to grow individuals and companies.

Website Design , Development, and SEO Marketing

If by chance you are in need of any web design, web development, search engine optimization, or marketing done to one of your sites you can get in contact with me or you can contact Chosen. Chosen is a Lansing based Web Development, Web Design, Web Hosting, and Web Marketing firm. We are a small business but are growing in the Lansing Area for our Web Design and Development skills. We have done work for clients and companies. We prefer client work but we also take contract work. We have worked with most of the biggest web companies in the Lansing Area and all the way out to California. We would love to hear from you.