Whether you blog for pleasure or business, being able to update your WordPress blog while on a move is definitely a “Blessing In Disguise”. The utmost potential of a WordPress powered blog appears appealing to a majority of bloggers who love sharing information on a plethora of subjects related to science, computers, technology and other matters. If you too are purely devoted to your WordPress blog and don’t want to miss out on any activity that’s been performed on it, then there’s a lot in store for you. It’s actually possible to write/edit/delete blogs published on your site by following some simple methods. Here, I’ve compiled a list of methods that aid you in making the most of WordPress Mobile blogging.

Hardware isn’t a constraint for Mobile bloggers

WordPress community has been making continuous efforts towards helping people build blogs that run perfectly on a variety of mobile devices. Ranging from netbooks and ultrabooks to smartphones and tablets, WordPress blogs run on all kinds of internet-enabled devices. You may choose to use Bluetooth Keyboards that allow you to transform a smartphone or tablet into a portal posting machine. The improved text feed feature of Bluetooth Keyboards makes it easy for you to do a lot to your WordPress blog while you are traveling.

Installing blog publishing applications keeps your WordPress ever functional

Windows Live Writer

If you’re planning to travel and are unsure of getting an internet connection, it’s recommended to install a blog publishing application like Windows Live Writer into your blogging site. This will allow you to compose posts that can later go live once you’re able to manage an internet connection. Here’s an example of the screen that’s displayed once you’ve installed Windows Live Writer into your blog:

Publishing blogs via your email account is very simple

If blog writing strikes you while on a road, you may easily install the Jetpack plugin that will allow you to post to your blog via your WordPress.com email account. All you need to do is link your blogging site with your WordPress.com email account and activate email posting for each author who wants to post blogs. Once you’re done with activating the email blog posting feature in Jetpack, you’ll receive an email. Now, you can simply send all the blog posts to this email address. Below is a screen-shot for the screen that appears in case you’ve installed Jetpack plugin into your blog:


Moreover, you may even opt for using shortcodes that can perform the following tasks:

  • Set the status of the post as “PENDING”, “DRAFT” and “PUBLISH” etc.
  • Set the category and tags for the posts
  • Create a slideshow using the images, attached with the submitted blog posts.

Final Words

Hopefully, by now you’d have geared up for combating the obstacles that might’ve been stopping you from blogging while away from home. Using the methods mentioned above will definitely keep you stuck to your WordPress development site, irrespective of whether you have or don’t have an internet connection.

Have you used any of these methods before? If yes, please share your experiences, as it will benefit blogging lovers who scare blogging while on a move.

Also, please do drop in your feedback/suggestions for the above post, within the comments section below.

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