I have been helping people learn WordPress for the last few months now and the biggest thing people ask me is how do I install it on my server. Well it is quite simple and it only takes a max of about 20 min.

1. Well as most of you might know the first step to installing is getting the files from the WordPress.org web site.  You can find the download for WordPress 2.7 right on the home page.

2. The next step is to create a database on your server so that WordPress has a place to store the user names and passwords.  I am expecting everyone knows how to do this since it is your server.

3. After creating the database now you have to go into your site using ftp and add all the files.  I personally would put the .zip file on the server and then unzip it.  After you unzip the file you will find that it puts everything into a WordPress folder and if you want you main domain or sub domain to point right to WordPress you need to bring the files out of the WordPress folder and get rid of the WordPress folder.

4. So now you have all of the files unzipped on your server and still nothing is going to work.  If you ftp into the server you will fine a file called wp-config-sample.php.  You need to rename that file just wp-config.php.  Then open the file and you will find a area for your database information.  It should look something like this putyourdbnamehere – this is your database name, usernamehere – this is your database username, yourpasswordhere – also your database password, and then if need you can change the host.  Save that and make sure it is called wp-config.php.

5. Once this is done all of the hard stuff is over all you have to do now is go to the domain or subdomain and you will get this easy to understand walk-through for the rest of the process.  This will consist of creating a user, password, and WordPress will write the info to the database automatically.

Well there you go all it took was 5 easy steps and you were done and have WordPress.  Now if you are new to WordPress it might seem really weird when you go to the wp-admin section but I defiantly sure that after a little time you will understand what you are doing and if you need help you can either comment here, email me, or Google information.  I am a freelancer part time so if you don’t want to go through the hassle of the process or even building a WordPress site you can contact me and I can give you a quote on a price for what you need.  I can promise you that I can give you a great deal on a site and the turnover will be fast.  Well I hope you all have fun and remember if you need anything I am right here, so leave me a comment or email me.