It’s a mobile world and catching the pace is easy with the Smartphone and tablet, and there is no other reason to explain that why mobile sales have left the desktop sales far behind. Moreover, the time is not far when search using mobile will completely engulf desktop search. Since more than 67 percent of users rely on mobile –friendly sites; companies depending largely on SEO should start making the transformation to a mobile friendly websites, or should look for responsive web design services.

Mobile Friendly or Responsive Web Design

Making a choice between – Mobile Friendly Website and Responsive Web Design can get highly argumentative; however, there is need to understand that developing one persuasive web resource that can adjust to variety of platforms. In addition, a single website or responsive website spares Google from evaluating separate mobile and desktop version of a site, and this is the reason that the search engine recommends responsive design.

Responsive web design enables readers to go through the site with not much resizing, panning, and scrolling, which is applicable for different browsers and platforms depending on the fluid grids, flexible images and media queries.

So, it might seem as a perfect fit in the mobile era; however, here are some facts that you must know before you find out any web site designing services.

  • Load Time and Performance
  • These websites have same downloading size, which doesn’t depends on any device or screen resolutions. Hence, the site will not load faster even when you view responsive website on a smaller screen.

  • Complexity
  • Mobile devices and browsers have to cope with the content. Hence, the sites have to pay great heed when unneeded CSS gets loaded, specific scripts start running and large images get downloaded.
    One can go with good implementation, but it invites complexity than creating a fixed width desktop site.

  • Time and Money
  • Since the level of complexity is high, the cost of development has also gone higher. Gone are the days when designers simply used to mock-up in Photoshop. With the trend of RWD; designers, developers and clients have to work closely and together.

There is no doubt to the fact that responsive web design is a trend and one has to flow with it. But it is also vital to get acquainted with all the facts related to it. Besides, the web technology is growing at a faster pace and improving functionality almost every day.