Careful & Scrupulous Planning Gives Our Interactive And Well Designed Websites

In today’s time and age, if you don’t own a good online presence, you may be in for some trouble. It is guaranteed that a good online presence can bring in the much needed visibility which in turn can turn you into a popular mate among your target audiences.

Whoever said it is the digital era was far from being honest. He should have said that this is a mandatory digital era where there is no escape from being digitized, at least not till the next era arrives and matures around you.

Need for Websites

Why do you, as a brand, need a website to function? Have you ever asked this question to yourself? When you mention your brand to somebody, the first question that they might ask you is if you have a website? A decent question and you may not know how to answer that question if you don’t have one.

Remember your credibility in this age and time is checked through your website. You own a website; you have the presence that you wish for. Most people believe that having a website is enough to make your brand visible. Well not really! Website is just the beginning; while the whole process of marketing yourself through the website is the call that will help you create the right amount of presence. The first step towards maturing your presence would include owning a website, while the next step is for you to market your website to make it visible

Is Planning Important for Websites?

How do you create those enormous buildings? Do you just build and allow it to take the shape of imagination as you build? No, you don’t do that! You plan the number of floors, the kind of building you wish to create before you actually begin. Once you know what you want, you create a blue print for the same, and finally after the approval of the blue print, the raw materials and the contractors do you actually begin the building.

What would happen if you did not have the blue print, you won’t have the perfect building! Websites are pretty similar to buildings in this case. You will see that you need to plan out your website perfectly in order to achieve a quality as well as the perfect layout. At the end of the day engagement increases only when you have a website that has brilliant interface and allows interaction.

You need to right plan, the perfect ingredients and the right recipe in hand to create the perfect website. Without the raw materials, the blueprint and the end goal, you stay unfocussed which can affect the website design. This is why strategizing and planning your website is necessary. You should always be aware of the necessity for a website and what you plan to achieve from it.

How to Begin Planning

Let’s say an ecommerce website is looking for sales while a regular website would look for conversions. There are websites that need engagement and more visitors, like the news based websites. These are the different goals that need to be achieved! Know what your goal is before you begin planning.

The purpose of the website should be carefully integrated in the creation of the website. For example if you are a blog and want more visitors and ads on your website, you should be specific about that too. Similarly if you are a work based website, and need people to give you work based on your website, please be specific about that too.

Prioritize your Website

Priority is an important concept when designing a website. Have you ever mulled over the STP rule while designing your website? If, not then it is time you do that! It is important to think of your target as at the end of the day they are the ones who would be interacting through your website. So, make sure you know the target, plan out your target and plan the design as per the target.

Why is this important? Let’s say would you provide the same kind of houses to the high income and low income groups? Would there be same kind of construction conducted in major cities and small towns? If the answer is no, then you would know how important target is in differentiating the kind of path you would pave for your brand.

Once the target is decided, the next step is positioning. Well, you may not really agree to this but positioning is equally important for websites as it is for other situations. Careful planning would help put together the target and positioning to achieve the goals of the website

Planning the Website: The Procedure

What do you achieve with careful planning? You will see that careful planning gives out best results with less time and money invested in the process. All you need to do is invest a bit of time in crafting out the website.

Your first step is to learn! You need to study the creative brief, as to what is the purpose of the website. You need to understand the goals of the website before you begin.

Once you have detailed the creative brief, start with planning! Creating a blue print is essential in this case. You can create a strategy for building the website. Do a nice quite research on how the websites look and appeal. Sketch your website and create a mock design of the same on a paper. You can finally pick your tools to create the website. Remember at the planning stage you will need to thorough the procedure.

Once you have planned well, you can design, code and launch the website. The techniques take less time if you have issued proper planning for the website.

A well planned website is a true money saver!

Author Bio:
Juned Ahmed is a blogger cum web and mobile app consultant at – mobile app developer company. He loves to writes and shares on latest technologies.