As a photographer whether it be a hobby or on a professional level the realm of high dynamic range photography can be very troublesome without photo editing software specifically made for photo HDR.


HDR photography can be very challenging as it is, but with Aurora the job gets a little bit easier. Some might consider Photoshop as another option, but instead of that Aurora is all-in-one. Whereas Adobe offers several different products that need to be used in compilation to take true mastery to the HDR photography realm. Though for those who still wish to use HDR in Photoshop. Aurora offers a tutorial on how to make the most of HDR photo editing in Photoshop in great detail.

Aurora HDR
Aurora HDR 2

As can be seen in the pictures above, there are several options, features, and settings that can be used to make the best of a photo editing experience and the best of the photo itself.

HDR for Beginners

In addition to the already excellent features of Aurora, educational resources are also offered on the site in the form of user manuals, video tutorials, and more. Within just the video tutorials Aurora offers a UI overview, a video on how to use presets, and another called Interior Photos and Aurora HDR. Those are just a few videos that are offered.


Mostly, at one point or another, photographers find themselves in a rut. A solution is available at the Aurora website, as well. The section of the website offers photos taken by Aurora masters that could inspire you with an idea or two. Perhaps a location to do a shoot at or at least someone from whom you might get ideas from.


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