5 Free Online Tools To Learn Web Design From The Beginning

Below is a list of five very good online tools to learn web design. They are all suitable for beginners and are all free or offer free services along with their paid services. The list is not really in any sort of order, but there is a feeling that the list goes from best to not-so best, but you can be the judge of which resources are the best and which are not.

  1. W3Schools

    This list is in no particular order, but one has to admit that this is one of the best free resources for learning web design. It gives lessons that start from basic beginner and go all the way up to advanced, and it covers a lot of programming codes. The menus are very well laid out, and to its credit, it also has a very nice web design. That is a key factor in all of this is that the website that hosts the tool is a nice one, which means what they teach is probably relevant.

  2. P2PU Web Making 101

    It does start at the very beginner level, but those lessons and challenges are not the easiest to find. Still, you can hone your skills and take their challenges in order to learn web design and website programming. This is a website that is full of challenges, which may put a lot of people off using the tool, but it is a socially powered website that may be of great use to you if you can get the hang of it.

  3. Code Academy

    As the website says, you get to learn web design coding for free and interactively. They cover a good selection of coding languages and their tool is easy to use. One of the only downsides is that you have to sign up, but it is not the first to ask people to sign up in order to use the service.

  4. Google Developer

    This resource covers a lot more than just web design. There are lessons covering a wide range of subjects, and for that reason it is fair to say that this is the most beginner-unfriendly tool on this list. Their course catalog shows you the titles to all the courses they offer, and a section is dedicated to web development.

  5. Code School

    When it comes to learning programming code, it is sometimes better to learn from the lifelong nerd than it is to learn from educational sources because the nerd has more experience and passion. Is this true when it comes to website design and its associated programming? Not really no, and this is mainly because there are different elements to creating a website that demand creativity as well as correct code writing.

    This tool was built primarily by a classic nerd and then built into a larger website with more contributors and maintenance staff. On the other hand, just because it started with a nerd does not mean it has all the makings and failings that are associated. It is a very good resource for learning web design, and it has enough free features to make a visit to the website worth your while. Is it the best on this article? No it is not, but it is still pretty good.

Further Advice

Do not pay for web design teaching in any shape or form. The Internet has so many online tools you can use for free that you can learn nothing more via a qualified website designer than you can off the Internet.

When you learn web design, you need to find a tool or lesson format that suits you. A lot of people respond well to interactive training like the type that Code Academy offers. There are some that respond to written instructions and those that respond well to videos. If you are just starting, then try the videos first and learn how to create your first web page. Once you have created your first web page then you are ready to start learning.

Do not believe the websites that tell you that you need to download software to become a web designer. You do not need to download a compiler or a program to create the code. You can write HTML code with a notepad that comes with the Windows operating system, and you can save the notepad document as “.htm” so that you can see your web page after you have made it.