What do you use for SEO? What do you consider the best tools? I have a list of SEO tools that I use daily. My list is a little more than 10 but I figured for simplicity I will give you the top 10 SEO tools that I use. The reason I am putting together a list of my top ten is because I see a trend from other SEO experts bot saying that I am a expert but I would like to be. There are a ton of SEO tools out there that are free of charge and these tools are evolving at a rapid speed. My big question with SEO is where will it go next. Well what everyone really wants is the list so here it is.

Top Ten SEO Tool List

What The SEO Tool Does

Search Engine Genie – This site is not well known but it has quite a few really nice SEO tools that are free to use and they have a ton of really helpful articles.

Website Grader by HubSpot – I use this site to get a good idea of where a site is and where it might need to be and get to. HubSpot has a paid version of this that has a ton of really great SEO tools. They have a free week trial of the system if I were you I would jump at the trial and see if you like it.

Google Adwords – This is a great way to find out how heavily a keyword is being targeted. I use this when ever i am looking for the really good keyword to get a site going.

Google Analytics – Great tool if you are not using it you are loosing out. My main use for this is to see what is bringing traffic into my site or my client sites. With the name Google behind this you know that you are going to 1 get it for free and 2 get something that is great.

SEO Quake – This is a plugin for Firefox that gives you a ton of really useful info that you need for SEO. I know a few different people that this is the only tool that they use for SEO.

Site Explorer by Yahoo – This is a useful tool for the yahoo search engine. I prefer Google’s Analytics over this because it has more to it.

Google Trand – Great tool by Google this lets you find the trends of the time so that you can find the really good keywords and SEO articles to write for traffic purposes.

Search Status – I really enjoy using Search Status because of its simplicity. I am a Firefox user and this is a Firefox plugin.

seomoz.org – These people really know what they are doing with SEO. They have a ton of free tools and they also have some really great paid tools.

Word tracker – I personally have not used this service but i have heard from a ton of people that they are great. It is a paid service but they do have a free trial.

SEO Packages

If you are in need of any Search Engine Optimization I do have packages and I can teach people how to do SEO. My monthly packages for SEO all depend on how much you want done. I charge $25US an hour. With that my recommended package would be 20 hours a month this will give you the best outcome. Of course the more hours you do the better outcome you will get but at 20 hours a month I can really get enough done to your site that it will show improvement a lot quicker and will make you more money faster. I also have a bunch more different packages and prices for web based projects, you can go to Work Prices.