Most Critical SEO Errors For eCommerce Websites

It’s common for online stores as well as forums to think that by simply listing several products on their e-commerce website, search engine traffic will start flowing in. in fact, this is a wrong assumption.

It’s very difficult for optimizing e-commerce websites for SEO. With the increase in product pages, numerous problems arise that make SEO very difficult for online merchants. Following are the most critical SEO errors committed by most ecommerce websites online.

Lack Of Product Description

This is a common error that is usually committed by online gift stores and retail merchandisers. They simply ignore to add a product description on their site. Mere visuals are not sufficient for your site to be identified by search engines. Moreover, this error could even risk your chance in case of low-frequency queries to rule out your chances of being displayed on the search results. Therefore, your webpage or blog should be an integration of visuals and text if you desire to promote your product online.

A formidable way to measure how much unique your content is, requires the measurement of default word count in the product page. Your default word count should include the words in your text, navigation, sidebar, footer, amidst others and which could be optimally present in the blank product page. Make sure your unique text is higher than the default word count in order to highlight the unique content.

Obviously, a well written unique content will always be better for your SEO efforts. However, you need to keep the following facts in mind:

  • Add product description that motivates your customers to purchase.
  • Avoid stealing content from other sites or else you would be penalized by the search engines.
  • Also, overloading your content might make it look spammy.

Using Manufacturer’s Product Description

Copying product descriptions provided by manufacturer would not only have your website skipped by many of the search engines, but also would have it strictly banned by the search engines. This is because the same descriptions are supplied to almost all online stores and most of them are using the text without making any changes. All this would make the content appear spammy and gets identified as a duplicate content from Google. Moreover, most of these manufacturer descriptions are not written in a better way to promote the product.

Hence, always create unique content. Google has become smarter at pushing the websites down the rankings because of copied content and content scraping.

Creating unique content for all the products can be a tedious job. In such cases, you may want to add a No Index meta tag on product pages for which you cannot create unique content. If you do so, your content pages are kept out of search engine ranges. Also, it makes your website look like it has automatically generated content from WebPages to gain traffic. So, by creating a unique content, your website is well positioned on the search engine results.

Absence Of Product Reviews

Most consumers look for product reviews on online stores or forums before making a purchase. In other words, if your site lacks such reviews, you will be losing most of your target customers. Moreover, it is easier for review pages to have higher search rankings than selling pages. is a popular online business that has many reviews for its various products placed therein. Thus the site shows authenticity by encouraging its customers to share their opinions with the larger audience who want to buy.

Some interesting facts about product reviews are:

  • They are contributing unique content for your online store and it’s free.
  • For those having a problem with creating unique content, product reviews can do wonders.
  • It also keeps the product pages updated, which can help the search engines to return more often.

Having Duplicate Title Tags In Your Unique Content

Another mistake made by online stores is the use of duplicated title tags. Take care in creating unique title tags, especially when you are dealing with multiple items from the same brand or identical items from different brands in the market scenario. Never use the same keywords over and over again to avoid the duplication of description. Many popular search engines consider unique phrases for positioning the site in search results.

Also, majority of online consumers look for keywords that are different from others in the web scenario.

Use Of Complicated URLs

Your website need not be complicated and which is why including meaningless URLs is a strict no-no. You could also consult a SEO expert for creating URLs for your products and that can be shown on your website.

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