Remember the not-so-distant past, when individuals in web design teams used to work under one roof? Well, that concept is fading away fast. It’s not uncommon today for web design team members to work from different places – be it different cities or even countries. Richard Branson even said that offices one day “will be a thing of the past,” and that’s happening in every industry.

Working remotely can help designers with implementation speed. It doesn’t naturally happen because of remote work, but from the freedom of working in different work spaces, experimenting with different approaches, and finding out what works best for the client. They also cut down the majority of distractions that employees face in an office environment. Then there’s also the flexibility to move around and spend time with family and peers.

While this approach certainly has its benefits, managing a team of designers working remotely can be a difficult undertaking when they are working in different time zones; it’s more complex than hiring a designer or two on a freelance basis. As a result, the experience can be both exciting and daunting.

That said, there are ways to ensure it’s less daunting and more exciting. Mentioned below are some tips that you could implement to remove/reduce inefficiencies when working on web design projects remotely:

Use Tools Like Slack To Communicate

Tools like Slack are great productivity boosters as they will allow the web design team to communicate and collaborate from any remote location. All the information is kept within the chat software and individual projects can be discussed with everyone involved.

So if someone on the team has something to share they’ll create a Photoshop comp or sketch it out, throw it into Slack and share it with the rest of the members for feedback. Others can then add notes about intended changes and post questions for the designer to respond to.

Optimize And Empower The Mobile Workforce

In today’s competitive web design landscape, you need to optimize field resources to bring down overheads, as well as improve service delivery and value to generate new revenue streams. With software to optimize mobile workforce management, you can do more with less by providing your team members a sleek and innovative user interface. This will enable them to work through the latest devices to combine innovative designs with dynamic capabilities to work on projects in real-time.

By optimizing and complex the tradeoffs between web design cost and delivery, such innovative technologies can help you improve accuracy and profitability. Work order management software can help you proactively manage your projects, so you can roll out new designs like never before. As a result, you are capable of establishing that competitive advantage and cementing lasting relationships with clients.

Don’t Neglect Screensharing

When you manage or work in a distributed web design team, you may find instances where visual explanations aren’t enough. These are the times when you would want to start a video call with other team members and leverage screen sharing options.

Screen sharing is a great feature when you and someone else is working together on a project. You can easily share your CSS, HTML and other code while using voice chat to discuss whether any aspect of the design could be tweaked for a better outcome.

These tips will help your remote web design team be more productive while having great flexibility to work.