How To Assist WordPress SEO By SEO Plugins

WordPress is a wonderful CMS system, which make things simple to blog over your site. Among the top blogs of the world more than 48 percent of them are based on WordPress platform. The fact is you could find more than 60 million sites and blogs, which are powered by this platform. With different blogs competing over the web, optimizing your content for all the popular search engines is very important element for all. After all this is one of the best ways to make your site or blog visible across your target audience. As most of the users choose search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing to find out content, hence optimizing your WordPress based site or blog is a must. Luckily, you could find several good SEO plugins, which can help you a lot in carrying out a competent SEO strategy for your WordPress blog. So, let’s check out how these SEO plugins help you in your WordPress SEO efforts in the below paragraphs:

Yoast- Saves Time And Makes WordPress SEO Simple

Among the list of good SEO plugins meant for WordPress based sites or blogs, Yoast comes first. This handy and simple kind of plugin simply makes the optimization process easy and less time consuming. You are no more frustrated writing down loads of codes or tags for optimization by doings things manually as it does these things automatically. You could enjoy a wide range of features in Yoast, which takes care of the technical aspects of your WordPress site optimization process and at the same time assist you in writing effective content. It helps in choosing the relevant keywords for your WordPress site content. The other features include getting snippet previews, automatic optimization and insert right Meta tags, XML sitemaps, link elements, breadcrumbs and RSS optimization. It also helps you in editing your robots.txt and htaccess files, carry out export and import functions, social integration and gives you Google News SEO module and many more things, which help in your WordPress SEO to a great extent.

All-In-One SEO Pack Add Wings To Your WordPress SEO

This SEO plugin is a competent tool, which can simply help in expediting your WordPress SEO. It carries a number of things for your optimization efforts. These include automatically optimizing your titles for all the major search engines along with generating the Meta tags. All-In-One SEO pack also supports the tool like Google Analytics, along with other things like advance canonical links, custom post types, fine tuning page navigation URLs along with having a built in API, which helps in extending its functionality in one way or the other. It also help in identifying the duplicate content, which are found over a number of blogs and is among the only one plugin, which offers you a SEO integration for your WordPress based e-commerce websites.

Scribe- Complements Your WordPress SEO Efforts

This is a robust kind of SEO plugin, which gives you a number of content marketing tools for things like research, interaction and optimization. You get a step by step on page SEO solution from Scribe along with getting tips and tricks for producing quality content. All these things simply help in making your website an authority place in you niche area thus yielding better page ranks over Google or other search engines. This plugin also helps you a lot in identifying the authoritative high ranking websites and social media users in your niche area to which you would like to connect with for better optimization results. The best part is it is compatible with a number of WordPress plugins, which supplements in your optimization efforts to a great extent.

SEO Friendly Images- Optimize Your WordPress Site Photos

Photos you use over different WordPress sites and blogs could also be optimized to get better ranks over search engines. Luckily with this plugin, you could do the same. It helps in adding proper title and ALT attributes automatically to all your pictures thus improving upon the traffic you get via the popular search engines. The ALT attribute simply plays a key role in making search engines understand the pictures and describe the same for the users in a meaningful way. At the same time, the Title tag also plays some part in allowing the people to get some idea about your site the moment the visitors hover their mouse over these pictures.

Final Word

The WordPress is an important platform, wherein you could create your blog or site. And when it comes to optimizing your WordPress sites, the above plugins simply play their best part in making your blog or site more visible over the search engines. These SEO plugins could simply add wings to your WordPress optimization efforts to a great extent.

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