5 Reasons Why Google Is Not Updating Its PageRank

Photo by Danny Sullivan / Flickr

Did you hear that Google has stopped updating PageRank? As you might imagine, this has caused ripples throughout the SEO world. While it may not make sense to you right away, there are actually a lot of different reasons why the search engine giant slash social media company is getting rid of public Pagerank. We’re going to go over those as well as why this might not really be the best idea. This could be converted into a well documented infographic as well.

Why Google Stopped Updating PageRank

Again, it should be noted that Google has not been updating their public PageRank information. The actual value of pages is still going to be used to help them rank pages in their index. With that said, here’s a look at five reasons that Google is not updating their PageRank anymore.

  • Stopping Obsessions – While this doesn’t happen that much these days, some people still obsess quite a bit over PageRank for one reason or another. By getting rid of public PageRank, Google can get people to stop obsessing. Although, maybe the new obsession will be guessing if and when PR will come back.
  • Clandestine Operations – By making PageRank numbers publicly available, Google was giving webmasters more information, data that was frequently used to calculate values of incoming links and websites.
  • They Broke the Internet – This is probably not true, but maybe PageRank is broke or never really existed. Maybe PR was all randomly assigned and instead of admitting this they are gradually removing it from the Internet.
  • They’re Evil – While Google’s motto has long been Do No Evil, maybe that was just a ruse so that they could become a giant corporation and more easily do evil. The company does some good in the world, but a lot of what they do is creepy.
  • Bing Bought the Rights – In some stunning secretive move, Microsoft purchased the rights to PageRank and demanded that Google stop updating it immediately or face legal teams from Redmond.

Google also stopped offering easy access to keywords used to find your site in their Analytics program. This is just another piece of the puzzle. When looking at a company the size of Google, it’s important to step back and look at the big picture – and follow the money as they say.

Then again, Google hasn’t said that public PageRank will never come back. However, looking at the five points above, it’s easy to see why they might not want it to come back quickly. Maybe they’ll keep it a low priority item until most of the Internet forgets it even existed. The attention span in the Internet age is short.

What were we talking about? Just kidding. If you have your own theory (filled with conspiracy or not), write up a comment below and share your thoughts with the rest of the world.

Written by: Sara Xiang frequently buys frozen rabbits online. Don’t worry, it’s not illegal and she uses them for her reptiles. She also likes to read infographics about all the various reptiles still around on the planet.