The most asked question about WordPress that I get is on the difference between a WordPress Page and a WordPress Post. The two are often misused wrongfully. Here are a few pointers to assist in better understanding the difference. WordPress pages are just static or you could say the posted elements are not often moveable or changed. With the WordPress pages, you really don’t change them unless you have more information that you want to add to them, or, you wish to change something that is already there. For instance, a contact page is not going to change that often because your contact information might never change. But as for a page like a portfolio or a picture album you might end up adding, deleting or changing items monthly.

The main thing that you have to notice is that the WordPress page, whether it is a ‘portfolio page’ or a ‘contact page’, will be set for long term that is it won’t have a extreme change, and if it does, you are changing it up.

As for a blog post or post, you might be creating these every day. They are supposed to be informative and/or updates about the topic that you write about on your blog. For example, you are a school and on your main page is your blog. Well, you may want to keep talking about various things about your school, hence frequently posting updated information on the school. For instance, if this coming Sunday, the your school will be playing a team that they might just be able to beat, updates on the blog could include information about the people, the upcoming game with maybe stats on the players and other any other interesting stuff about the game. That way if the your school looses the game that post will not be on the school’s blog page for a long time. At least it is only there until another post update is made.

Pages Versus Posts

There are five real reasons why pages are different than posts.

  1. They are not involved with the blog.
  2. You can use different page templates with them.
  3. Pages are static text, they don’t change often.
  4. Pages can have a hierarchy
  5. Pages can have sub pages inside there main pages.

So your pages really have nothing to do with your blog. They are static text and don’t change that often. They are not time dependent. Most of the time these pages include (about, contact, services, and other informative pages about your site).

Posts In View

Posts are primarily meant for updating and link building. You use your posts to gain traffic to your site through SEO, SEM, and other means. With posts you tend to make regular entries into your blog, unlike pages, you need to change your posts almost weekly if not a couple of times a week. Most of the time your blog post show up on your home page in a certain order. More times than not the order is constructed by date of the post. With the newest posts at the top of the page and the older get put to the back of the list. Blog posts use categories and tags to organize your posts. Given the categories and tags each are automatically given a RSS feed so that you may get updates on the groups.

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