One of the best ways to build your site’s page rank and position is with backlinks. Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page. These incoming links or backlinks are a really great way to boost your Search Engine Optimization or SEO. There are many different ways to build backlinks some of the most common are:

  • Web Directories
  • Friends and Colleagues
  • Personal Interest
  • Blogging

Most people would look at this list and think what does that mean well I am going to tell you. Web Directories are places that you can submit your website and have it on display inside that companies database of sites. A lot of times these places have a paid and non-paid submission process. This means that if you take the free non-paid one you will be put on a list of maybe hundreds of sites that have to go through a inspection process to see if your site is a fit for the directory. This could take somewhere from 1 to 6 months. The reason it takes so long is because most of these places only charge like $5 to $25 for the paid submission and anyone who pays gets put at the front of the list.

Friends and Colleagues this is kind of self explanatory you meet someone and enjoy what they have so you put a link on your site to there stuff. This creates a backlink for them. If you look at the top of my site I have some of my colleagues and companies most of them are broken down into multiple links to more than just there home page. This will create a back link for more than just the main page.

Personal Interest this is one that you might say what does that mean. Well I give it this name because it means sites that you personally like. If you find a site that you enjoy give them a back link weather it be in a post or somewhere out of site. This will boost there rating and sometimes if you contact that specific person and ask them to put one on there site they might just because you did.

The last way that I create backlinks is blogging this is probably one of the best ways to create backlinks but also one of the less profitable. How you make backlinks is start posting on specific peoples site just with little comments like feedback and or other creative criticism. Once that person sees that you have been commenting on there site so much they will end up checking your site out and either you will get some great feedback or they might talk to you about backlinks.

Well I am just throwing this out there if there is anyone who has a site and would like a backlink send me a email or comment here I will check out your site and see what I can do about giving you a backlink somewhere on my site.