How To Embed Chatwing – Popout Options

Web space is an important for any site owner. With that in mind, it is important to choose the widgets and other supporting tools to use for your site. One such tool that’s very efficient and at the same time won’t take up space would be Chatwing chat software. With this chatting tool on your site, providing customer support via live chat becomes possible – and that’s just the least of it.

Below is a tutorial in embedding Chatwing without having to use too much web space.

Step 1: Registration

Getting a Chatwing account is of utmost importance. Get to Chatwing’s homepage and open the registration form. Fill it up with a valid email and password, and check the boxes below it afterwards. Submit the form and wait for it to redirect you to the next page.


Step 2: Dashboard

In the Dashboard page, you can see all of the chatrooms you have made – you currently have one on the chatroom list so far. You can either choose that or create a new one by pressing the Create chatbox button. If you choose the chatroom on the list, press the Customize button.


Step 3: Customize

Whichever way you choose, you’re going to end up here, in the Customization Panel. As the name implies, you can customize your chatroom here, giving it a more personal taste. There are several tabs in Basic mode, and more will appear in Advance mode. To alternate between the two, press the Switch button found on top of the panel.

The customization tabs are very easy to use. You’ll either need to simply drag some buttons or click on them to change the appearance of your chatroom. Other tabs feature Chatwing’s additional functions, so it’s very important that you utilize those too. Before you go to another tab, make sure you save your progress by pressing the Save button – there’s one on each tab.

You can see the current status of your customized chatroom in the preview window. Press the Use button afterwards, when you’re done customizing.


Step 4: Embedding Page

At the Embedding Page, you are to choose between three utilization methods of the Chatwing chatroom that you have now. Pick the one most suited for your site – Popout Options. This will make use of a popout icon instead of the actual chatroom and have it embedded on your site, saving you a lot of web space while having the capabilities of a chatroom.


Step 5: Popout Options

In this tab, you can modify the popout icon before setting it up on your site. There are multiple customization options – feel free to change them until you’re satisfied on the result shown on the preview window.


After customizing, look for the icon’s HTML codes below. You need to open your site and paste the codes at the place where you want it to show up.


Save the changes you’ve made on your site and open it again. Look for the popout icon and try to click on it to see if it works. If the chatroom shows up on another window, then that means the process is a success. You can start using it to chat with your viewers now.


Managing the Chatroom

As the admin, you have the responsibility of managing the chatroom. You don’t need to worry about that however. That’s because this chatting tool is very easy to manage. With its functions, you can easily kick out anyone who causing a ruckus inside the chatroom and delete all their messages in an instant.

You can assign moderators that can assist you in managing the chatroom. They can have the same capabilities as the administrator, but that’s entirely up to you. Chatwing still has a lot of things to offer, and that’s up to you too, to find out. And if there’s anything certain, it’s that this chatroom will surely provide the best chatting experience for you and your viewers.