Are Google Algorithm Changes Killing Your Website Traffic?

There is no doubt that Google stands out as the most popular search engine on the internet. In fact, a larger percentage of SEO experts today optimize web contents with the sole aim of getting high rankings on Google. The other search engines might still have their share but Google truly stands out of the pack. In order to ensure acceptable use and effectiveness in ranking web pages, Google has over the years devised various strategies aimed at determining how it ranks the millions of websites that are currently in its radar.

These updates are commonly referred to as Algorithms. Just like the case is for mathematical algorithms, Google stipulates guidelines on how web contents and pages will be ranked in its search engine results. In the most recent times, the Google Penguin and Hummingbird updates have hit many internet users as a shocker. That is why a number of website owners are now arguing that frequent changes in Google Algorithms are killing their website traffic.

According to New York’s CNN money, Google in recent times has made some of the biggest changes in search results. These changes have definitely had an impact on a myriad of web properties which normally rely on the biggest search engine in order to drive traffic to their websites.

Why These Frequent Algorithm Tweaks

Google experts argue that these tweaks are aimed at ensuring that quality content moves top on Google rankings as opposed to basing on keywords and SEO alone. As such, as much as you might want to dispute this fact, content still matters for Google. These recent changes are likely to affect more than 12% of Google results on the internet today.

Giving the Right Answers to Internet Users

According to Gabriel Stricker which is the Google Spokesman, the aim of algorithm changes is to ensure that they are providing internet users with the answers that they require. Since this is the case, they have to continually change their algorithms as more content goes to the internet and a lot more is withdrawn from the web platform. Now, this is what makes many people complain about reduction in web traffic. Many internet users want to see high quality content popping up among the top results and that is why algorithms have to change to suit the needs and preferences of the consumers.

Why These Changes Are No Longer Subtle

In the past, Google algorithms were seen as being pretty much subtle. Consequently, many people did not even realize that such changes took place. However, the recent updates have affected many websites and that is why it has caused a spur. If it happened that you lost website traffic as a result of these changes, perhaps you were not providing any useful contents on your web pages.

Make Use of Legitimate Ways to Get On Top

Rather than complaining about the loss of web traffic, it is important to devise your strategies right. There are legitimate ways through which you can optimize your website to appear top on Google results. The contents you post on your pages should also be informative and most importantly make sure that you are not using any sort of black hat SEO techniques.

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