Choosing keywords for your sites page or blog post can be difficult. There are a few ways to make this easier and tools to make this easier. One thing that you will have to figure out is if you are going to be using just basic keywords or are you going to use longtail keywords. Another thing that you will have to figure out is how competitive of keywords do you want to pursue. If you are of basic SEO/Marketing ability you will already know that getting to the top of search engines for the more specific keywords is almost impossible. One way that you can get high is by finding longtail word that have something to do with your specific keyword. Now these can be really difficult to find.

Finding The Right Keywords

There are a ton of ways to find keywords or you could always just try and guess for the best. One of the best tools is the Google Keyword Tool. Another great one is WordTracker. Now if you have a blog and am having a hard time finding what to write about you can go over to Google Trands. This is a great place because you can find out what everyone is searching for and write about that. Another great place is Alexa’s What’s Hot. Now both of these you can use to get a topic and then use Google’s Keywords Tool to find you keywords for your new article/s.

Other Ways To Check Your Marketing

A tool that I use often is Marketing Grader. This is a great tool to check how you are doing with your marketing. Besides that SEOmoz has some great tools that are free. Another website that I don’t use as much but still works good is Search Engine Genie.

Best Keyword Analysis Tool

The best by far and last tool that I will give you is know by many and used by many. Most people use this tool many times a day. I am talking about Google Analytics. If you are new to marketing and have not learned about this tool you need to look into it. This tool is great for finding how people are finding you and what keywords are working and not working. With that I am done good luck on the searching/finding of your words.