Affiliate Marketing: Why It Works And 6 Tools That Further Augment The Results

Affiliate marketing is a leader among the modern ways of expanding a brand’s reach and making it resonate across the farthest breadths of the market. The formidable network you can set up using this technique delivers some remarkably great results for your brand and lets it spread its wings in a manner most dominating and rewarding. And when it comes to online affiliate marketing, the platforms of the likes of WordPress have added a whole new dimension to the way a brand builds its network of affiliates and generates mutually-rewarding profits.

And if you have been one of the folks looking to manage a powerful affiliate marketing platform by the means of your WordPress website, the following sermon should a long way in giving you a clear-eyed idea about the kind of objectives you can set and how you can go about achieving them.

How Do You Define Affiliate Marketing?

Define Affiliate Marketing

In its bare bones, affiliate marketing is a performance-driven marketing method where you pay compensation to your affiliates for every lead or sale they generate for you. And in the blogging-verse, these affiliates are publishers and the advertisers or advertising networks.

The publishers are essentially the bloggers who register their website with the advertising networks for putting up promotional ads on their website and earning through the same. The advertiser can be an individual or an enterprise that is trying to sell its line of products through the websites they come in contact with via the affiliate networking websites of the likes of

Then you have the all important consumer whom everyone is trying to reach across to, since that’s where the cash will be let loose from.

The networking websites post the product ads on a publisher’s websites and this online promotion of the the advertiser’s products earns publishers a sum of money through the commission system. Now, it depends on the advertising network whether it is paying publishers for the clicks or for the sales made after the clicks. And it is the affiliate’s tracking link that helps the advertiser determine where from a particular lead was generated.

Why to Go For Affiliate Marketing

Join Promote Earn

When monetizing your blog is on the agenda, affiliate marketing becomes natural choice – one that has the potential of reaping some delightfully rich rewards. There is a host of affiliate networks on the Internet that are used by big and bang websites which are earning big bucks through them.

Apparently, the advertisers have even more incentives when it comes to going for affiliate marketing. Unlike other ways of marketing, they are only paying for what they get. An advertiser can choose not to pay for mere clicks and instead pay any sort of commission when the actual sale is made. The cost effectiveness of the marketing technique sets it apart from all the other methods of online marketing, and not to mention, the assured results which are only improving by the day.

The Most Sought-After tools to Enhance Your Affiliate Marketing Results and Prospects

Affiliate Marketing Tools

Now, for the Ecommerce websites looking to leverage the affiliate marketing phenomenon to the best of its capability, there are a host of tools and techniques that add a sense of structure to their affiliate marketing endeavor. At the same time, they help publishers as well:

Moneypress: CJ Edition

Commission Junction

  • This is essentially a plugin that simplifies and streamlines the task of displaying products from your affiliate partners on your website.
  • The plugin doesn’t require you to use third party CJ key and it also happens to be highly configurable.
  • The CJ parameters can be initialized for diversified values, depending on your website and you also get a free rein when it comes to overriding the defaults.
  • Moneypress makes room for the caching of local files so that navigating through products becomes faster as the details are cached appropriately.



An extensively long and diversified affiliate network existing on the web, ShareASale offers you a seamless way to extending your network beyond barriers.

  • You get have your own affiliate program that can be leveraged to build relationships with a host of merchants and publishers.
  • You can kickstart your network with just a one-time fee
  • ShareASale provides you an uninhibited access to an expansive network of affiliate advertisers and publishers
  • The tracking and reporting can be done on a real time basis
  • Distribution of money among the affiliates is provisioned in a seamless manner

Pretty Link Lite

Pretty Link Lite

The underlying purpose of Pretty Link Lite is to transform your spammy-looking links into links that appear very authentic and catchy at the same time. You can custom name the edited URLs in regards to your domain name and the overall URL looks far cleaner and clutter free. And it’s not just resourceful for the affiliate links, but this plugin can help you seamlessly track the clicks from platforms like Twitter or even from emails.

SellFire Affiliate Store Builder

Serving its purpose in the most effective of manners, the SellFire Affiliate Store Builder plugin lets you put up the product ads on your blog without a lot of setup.

  • Keeping track of the advertisements and commissions is a process that becomes far too easy with this exceptionally useful plugin.
  • SellFire eliminates the need for incorporating tons of data from different sources or feed files.
  • Creating custom menus of products is a rewarding job and so is creating coupons for enhancing your sale prrspects.
  • Be it any Ecommerce you are using – WooCommerce, ShopperPress or any other – you can import the affiliate products into them.

SellFire already has a massive network of affiliates, publishers and advertisers. A close to 3500 merchants have their products and coupons being advertised over this network. They also work with the third party networks of the likes of Google Affiliate Network, Amazon, Pepper Jam and many more.

Magic Affiliate


When you have lofty ambitions with your Ecommerce website, the Magic Affiliate plugin can give those ambitions a firm ground and elevation to spread their wings. The plugin boasts of formidable features and lets you create your affiliate network almost instantly. It can be installed like any other WordPress plugin and once you are done with the installation steps, you have the wherewithal to handle n number of affiliates in a manner most seamless and effective.

  • Magic Affiliate features an amazingly responsive and intuitive user interface
  • Installing and integrating it with your Ecommerce store is a straightforward task
  • The tracking and reporting of all the data pertaining to the clicks, leads and sales is generated in real time.

Amazon Auto Links

Amazon Auto Links

As the name suggests, this one keeps your users updated with the latest products on Amazon.

  • All you need to do is choose relevant categories and products will be automatically fit in there as soon as they are launched from Amazon.
  • The plugin facilitates automatic in integration of products in your posts and feeds.
  • You have a shortcodes facility that gives you the wherewithal of inserting ads within the posts.

Affiliate marketing and the afore-mentioned tools are most perfect for individuals seeking turnaround in their online business fortunes. Get all the strategies and tools in order and thus unleash your true business potential.

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