Logo Design – Cost vs Quality

Working for an advertising agency we see and here about almost everything. I am a co-owner of Chosen Development, we do everything from websites down to walking dogs. We don’t do just Logo Designs or consider our selves to being a Logo Design Company. Some of the logos that we have created were Church Logo Designs and Business Logos. Most of the people who come to our company want a logo designed for something like $20 and yes we could do that but people really need to notice that if you spend $20 on a Logo Design you are going to get $20 worth of work.

What Logo Designs Should Consist Of

Alright if you look at some of the most popular Logo Designs some of these designs might of went for hundreds of thousands of dollars. For instance if you take some of the Sport Logo Designs like Nike for instance I don’t know off hand how much they paid for there Logo but everyone knows what it is. I can definitely tell you that it wasn’t a $20 Logo Design. Most of the really popular companies might have paid up to a couple million dollars for a Logo Design. There are a few companies out there that have paid little to nothing for their Logo. For instance one of the biggest companies in the world Google not that many people know Google’s Logo but it sucks you should look it up. For a Logo Design for a small company it is a good thing to pay for something that will be worth it. For a price perspective I would have to say that a good Logo would be between $500 to $1500 and for a cheaper logo you could spend anywhere from free to $100.

Some Really Bad and I Hope Cheap Logo Designs

We took a look at some of the really bad Logos that have been designed developed. Some of these might not be appropriate for kids but that is who most of these are focused towards.

Logos found by Chosen Development – Graphic Website Logo Design.

Here is some of the Logos that I have found that are bad.
Well to start one of the newest the Pepsi Logo.
New Logo –
Old Logo –
I don’t know about you but the new logo is horrible.

Here are some other bad Logo’s.

There are quite a few Logos out there that have probably been done for either free or by somebody that has no clue what they are doing. One of our biggest mottoes here at Chosen Development is let the professionals do what they are good at. Basically it like a plumber you aren’t going to call them and say what they should do because you know that they know that they know what they are doing. So with that Logo Design is something that every business needs but would you like to pay a little and get something like these or would you rather pay a little more and get something worth your money and time.