Are Google Algorithm Changes Hurting Your Site

The Google Algorithm changes more then the newest iPhone. Sorry had to add a little comedy into this post. As a ton of people have seen and felt with there websites these new updates by Google have hurt a ton. Google has just recently rolled out the newest update to there Panda Update. We are now on Panda 3.92. Now this update is supposed to only effect 0.7% of all search queries. Oh boy I hope I don’t get hit with this one.

What do Algorithm Updates do?

Each Algorithm update is supposed to help the search query. So that when you search you get the newest and best information on the web. Right now it is September 24th 2012. We are approaching 2 years of this Panda update to there algorithm. Each update has potentially made the Google search engine better. There are a ton of website that would disagree and there are some that love it. is one of the site in the middle right now. We did get hit by the March 2012 update. At least we believe it was that update and not another one that was just working its way in.

As far as the updates go they are a good thing but they are also a really bad thing. Websites that have worked extremely hard over the past 4-5 years to move themselves up the ranks of the search engine query are now getting hit for there hard work. Some people who have paid big money for traffic and back links are getting hit hard with these updates. Mainly because Google does not believe you should be able to buy your way into a good position in the search query. Yeah I kind of agree wit that. I believe that you should have to to things by the book so to say. You should make your traffic by research, new content, and spreading your domain over the web.

Now that I have told you that Google doesn’t like paid placement would you believe me if I told you, you will rank better if you pay for a Google Ad. But that couldn’t be right because Google frowns on paid placement. Unless they are making the money.

As of today Google over the past 2 years has changed the Panda Algorithm 19 times. This has cause a 30% change in the search query. Now they are still working there way up to the newest update that isn’t supposed to effect more then 1% of websites. Their are a lot of people saying that the next update is going to be Panda 4 or Panda 20 for the amount of updates done. I could really care less what it is as long at it doesn’t effect my website traffic anymore than it has. I am sure I am not the only website that thinks this way. Please feel free to ask me about the updates and what you can do to fix your crippled websites.

Just a side note Google has announced that they want everyone to expect updates every month.