Why To Use Bootstrap As Front-end Framework! Significant Advantages

Last decade witnessed a paradigm transformation in the technology, which is due to the technical advancements that have revolutionized the way we socialize, think, interact and run business. The demand for mobile and web applications has swiftly increased with the expansion of e-commerce & mobile commerce market. This is where Bootstrap plays a crucial role.

What Is Bootstrap!

Developed by the skilled team at twitter, Bootstrap is a robust front-end JavaScript framework, which aims at accelerating the web development process. It incorporates CSS & HTML based design templates to create general UI components like Forms, Tables, Buttons, Alerts, Tabs, Carousel, Typography and other JavaScript extensions. This open source framework is user-friendly and adaptable solution, which comes with a great documentation. Bootstrap is built with focus on mobile. It has an option of switching off the responsive feature in order to accommodate fixed and non-flexible functionality.

The growing usage of Smartphones in this web era has led to the need for rapid adaptation of technological developments. Among the wide range of technologies, Bootstrap is the latest trend in the web design niche, creating ways for new innovations. It is a powerful framework, which facilitates the development of a website’s & application’s front-end. Bootstrap consists of predefined classes that are used to create cross-browser and multiple device compatible web pages. It offers plethora of advantages that compel people to build website using this framework.

Manifold Advantages Of Using Bootstrap For Website Development

Bootstrap holds and maintains a significant position in the top front-end development platforms. The WordPress Bootstrap plug-ins have greatly impacted its area of use. Enriched with an array of stunning features, this outstanding tool offers myriad benefits.

  • User-friendliness: Bootstrap gives an option to use the LESS files for those, who have good knowledge of CSS preprocessing. However, newbies or those, who do not want to use them, can make use of plan CSS files. You just need to download the specific files from the Bootstrap site, extract them and add them in your HTML files. Now, you have access to the whole framework and can use the predefined classes of Bootstrap.

  • Responsive Grid: 12 column responsive grid system is one of the best parts of Bootstrap framework. Due to its responsive behavior, the grid system can adapt itself to the various devices, based upon their screen resolutions. The classes of these grids have been defined according to the device resolution, which they represent. xs, md, sm, and lg are grid classes, where each class represents specific device resolution. Developers need to incorporate these classes when they define the element’s visibility in the markup to create a responsive website. The responsive grid simplifies the task of creating responsive site using Bootstrap.

  • Fast Development: Development speed is undoubtedly one of the major advantages of Bootstrap. If you want to create a new responsive site or a web app quickly, then you must surely consider Bootstrap, which is really helpful in accomplishing the task in a short period of time. Besides this, it allows you to use ready-made set of codes to get started. To achieve your goal in the quickest possible manner, you can even buy the available Bootstrap themes & further modify them to meet your requirements.

  • Fully Customizable: It is convenient to choose the features that you want to add. The customizer allows you to have full control over choosing the bits that you want to use so that the framework can be streamlined to suit your specific needs. For better control, you can even optimize the source code.

  • Consistency: Bootstrap was created with an idea to provide centralized development code to the developers. It ensures that you get uniform results across different platforms. You can be rest assured about the compatibility of your site with popular browsers as it gives same performance everywhere.


Thus, there are various benefits of choosing Bootstrap for your website. It enables rapid application development and is well supported by design & development community. Remember that you do not need to be expert in CSS and HTML in order to use Bootstrap. It comes with a good documentation, which will help you walk through various tools & components, you would be dealing with.