Internet Explorer Is Coming Soon

As a web developer I have found it to be difficult to keep up with all of the Internet Explorer issues, mostly from Internet Explorer 6. In the web industry, there have been many advancing technologies that address the issues that IE can cause. For instance one of the newer developments is the Google Chrome Frame. This is a plugin so to say that you can be install on Internet Explorer. What happens is that IE takes most of the advancements of the Chrome browser and uses them on top of the Explorer browser. Another way to counter act some of the issues with IE is to use jQuery. With jQuery you are able to create a lot of the CSS3 and CSS2 abilities that Internet Explorer is lacking. Well Internet Explorer has taken a ton of crap about these issues over the past few years and they are finally going to try and do something about it. Internet Explorer is going to be releasing Internet Explorer 9 to address these issues in 2011.

With the release of Internet Explorer 9 there will be a lot of advancements to the IE browser. Now as a web developer does this mean that finally we will be doing away with IE6 and all its problems. While we are at it, it would be nice to see IE7 gone also. If Internet Explorer 9 is everything that Microsoft is making it out to be then as developers and web engineers we should finally be let loose from the IE constraints.

Now what exactly is Microsoft promising IE9 to have. Well, it is said that it will finally be able to handle all the CSS2 and most of the CSS3 functionality. Another thing that they are working on is to make IE9 HTML 5 complaint. There are many more changes that they are looking to make to IE9, if you would like to know more about IE9 you can find some good information on Wikipedia. I have been talking a lot about how Microsoft has made Internet Explorer 9 better for Web Developers and Designers. If you would like to see what IE9 can do you can go to Microsoft’s Test Drive site to download the Internet Explorer Platform Demo. You can also go there to see how well IE9 will measure up to the current browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Apera, and Safari.

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