Top Apps For Business Majors

Many business majors are looking for a way to be a step above the rest of their classmates because of their competitive nature. Some study very hard to achieve the grade they want, and others attempt to expand their network with their professors. What many students have yet to realize is that technology can help them in their goals as well. The growing popularity of smartphones and tablets has given students multiple tools and tricks to help them in their courses. The following are just a few apps that students should consider adding to their device, especially business majors.

Microsoft Office Mobile

This app is only available to certain phones, but many business majors will find that they will have to know and understand Microsoft Office in their future careers. With this app, students will be able to learn how to create documents and become familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote from their smart phone, rather than having to learn them on a computer that they have to carry around with them everywhere.

For those students who have an Apple device, they can get iWork for their iPhone or iPad. Students can learn how to use Pages and Numbers to create documents and spreadsheets, and they can learn to create presentations on Keynote from their device.


During your years as an undergrad or graduate student, you will have to conduct quite a bit of research no matter what your focus of study. Evernote is a great tool students can use while collecting and organizing information. This app will catalog recorded audio, video, photos, and notes, which the student can then search for on the device when the time comes. Students can keep track of lectures, presentations, and research for papers all in one place where the information is just a search away. It operates with your Google account, and it will sync to any device where the app is installed.

Class Buddy or Corse Pro

Class Buddy may cost $1.49, but it can be very useful when you need to organize your classes and homework assignments. Input your class schedule and never be late again. Track your grades and calculate your GPA to make sure you are never in the dark. Set a reminder for all of your tests so you are always prepared.

If you don’t want to spend the money for this type of app, there is also Corse Pro, which is only in the demo stages of development. This means that the app is only able to track a few courses, but it is an alternative if you are watching your budget.

Pocket MBA

This app is especially great for business majors, MBA students, and even business professionals. It contains a lot of material on management, finance, commerce, and the market, and you never know when this type of information can prove to be useful. The app even includes flashcards to study this useful information and assessment tests to check your comprehension.

Voice Recorder

Let’s face it, some students have a very short attention span. If you are finding it difficult to stay on task in class, this could be a great app for you. You can record memos to yourself or a whole lecture if you wish. You can then email the file anywhere so that you are never without this information, and you can search each recording by the title or date for easy access.

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