You put loads of your efforts in researching, interviewing people and data collection and embarked with some of the best and quality posts for your blog. But soon, you realize that someone has simply copied and pasted your entire work in his or her own site/blog. The 2-3 minutes of copy and paste has simply stolen your diligence and the content thief now seems to be mobilizing on it. At such junctures, you are bound to flare up and would certainly like to sue that person for this offense. This is nothing but content theft, which bloggers often encounter in their journey of blogging. You can see many people reproducing your hard work in different forms without giving a single credit. This is intellectual theft, which can have serious implications on the person treading this path especially in his or her writing career. With the constant evolution of web and the related technologies, you can now see a number of tools and methods that can help you in informing and protecting your content without paying a single dime. Let’s check some of these ways as under:

Copyright Your Blog Content

Before you start using online tools to protect your blog content, it is always better to protect your blog with proper copyrights. Don’t, worry, you do not have to pay anything for this, all you need to do is to register over the places like and over the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) platform and make your blog full proof. Once you do that, no one earth would be able to copy your blog content, however, if you still see someone doing this, he or she would soon face the punishment from the these authorities dealing with intellectual rights. Once you complete the above step in your original and unique content it’s time to put a copyright symbol over all the different posts of your blog including the text content and even the videos, which you have produced on your own. This will prevent people to carry out this path as these signs clearly mention that your content is copyright full proof.

Use Copyright Proof Plugin

Using such plugins and tools can digitally certify your blog content thus offering copyrights and authorship to the blogger for his or her content. These plugins are often free for different blogs. For instance, if you have a WordPress based blogs, the plugin known as WP-Copy protect can simply help in locking your blog, which simply prevents people to copy and paste the text and images over your blog. Hence people keen to steal the content would be too lazy to type the entire stuff to reproduce somewhere over the web or at other places. This is one of the best and free of cost solution for bloggers who are keen to have a hassle free protection to your intellectual property (blog content).

Try Out Google Alerts

Another best way to protect your blog content and monitor the content theft comes via Google Alerts. All you need to do is to sign up for the Google Alerts, which is actually free of cost and then by using certain words pertaining to you get things simply diverted to the RSS feed reader or at your email inbox. For instance, you can set up a couple of alerts in the form of phrases, which are linked closely to you or over your blogging platform. In this way, you would be able to keep an eye over your online footprint in a much better way. Hence ignorance cannot be called as heaven for the people who steal your content. Keep in mind that Google Alerts is simply not about finding the content robbers who steal your content but it also helps in knowing the bloggers and writers who are taking away your intellectual property.

Use Online Tool- Fairshare

This is basically a website, which scans the entire web and then compares the same to your blog content. Once it does the same, it simply send out weekly reports, which gives you the number of sites or blogs that have stole your content and using it and it also informs if the culprit person is making money from the same. Furthermore, this online tool called Fairshare also help you in knowing the exact amount of percentage of your work being reproduced by the content thief. This service is 100 percent free, so you do not have to worry about paying anything to anyone to avail these services.

Final Word

If you are worried about the content theft for your blog, just don’t worry, all you need to do is to rely over these options. In this way, you simply end up protecting your blog content to a great extent.

Rakesh is a freelance Internet marketing specialist and a writer at He has a solid background in social media, ancient history and cryptography. Now he is pursuing a PhD in integrated marketing communications.