Facts That Prove Google’s Hold on the Online Universe

A decade and a half ago, Microsoft put its world domination plan into action and through a number of sneaky transactions, ended up becoming the only computer operating system available in a majority of countries on the world. Even today, other OS options aren’t even available in a large part of the world. In much the same way, Google has become a leader in its segments and today, it appears that Google is going from strength to strength in dominating the virtual landscape. Here are a few facts that prove the company’s hold on the online universe.

Google search’s customers outnumber other search engines’ user

Today, an online search has become synonymous with Google. Google too has constantly been working on improving its search product. It is constantly releasing updates that ensure that search results cannot be artificially manipulated, it has a strong ranking system for WebPages which forces websites to keep providing fresh and original content and it has also created a way to ensure that customers get a personalized search result based on their search history. Users also have the option of sharing search results directly with their social networking page. The same kinds of facilities simply aren’t available to users of other search engines. Heck, most of us don’t even use other search engines like Bing or Yahoo anymore unless a toolbar installs it automatically.

Google is the advertiser of choice for websites and businesses

No matter what search engine you use, if you have a website online, you have got to be using AdSense to create advertising for it. AdSense is present everywhere on the World Wide Web and there simply isn’t escaping it. Google’s domination of online advertising is so monopolistic that we’re not sure other companies offering advertising even exist or not! Since more than 96 percent of Google’s revenue comes from advertising directly and the rest comes from advertising related services, we’re guessing Google isn’t about to let anyone enter this field either.

Google’s Gmail is the most widely used email service

Today, Gmail is the most widely used mail service. It isn’t a world leader in the segment but it surely is more used than other services. With all the other email service options gone, users have no choice but to use Gmail and whatever features it offers. Thanks to its integration with Google Talk, the company’s proprietary messenger service and Google Plus, its social network, users have virtually no need to use any other service.

Google Chrome has become one of the more popular browsers

Mozilla Firefox may be a big player in the browser world, but the fact remains that Google Chrome offers a lot more Google services than other browser services. When viewed in combination with its mail, mapping, search, indexing and social networking services, Chrome appears to be a potent tool that can be used to control virtually all aspects of the virtual world.

Google Plus is the second widest social network after Facebook

A lot of people don’t realize this just yet but if for any reason Facebook stopped working tomorrow, Google would be the only social network that could replace it in terms of functionality and preference. Since we all know that the corporate world isn’t free of sneakiness, we could very well find ourselves in a world where Facebook ceases to exist and we have no choice left but to use Google Plus!

Google Maps can be used to keep track of people

Google’s mapping and GPS services, Google’s Street View and Google Earth etc have become the navigational aids of choice for most of us. What we don’t realize is just how blindly we trust these services. What makes this situation even scarier is the fact that there aren’t any real alternatives to this mapping network so far which means that the segment is essentially being shaped and led by Google.

Google controls the android platform and essentially our Smartphone’s

Google may have made its android Smartphone OS available to handset manufacturers as open source software, but it has to be noted that the company has only made its platform available freely and not the rights to the software itself. This means that it still controls all the updates that the software gets. And it is no coincidence that android based phones favor Google’s mail, maps and browser services too!

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