iBeacon Technology – Challenges For Indoor Positioning Application Development

With the advancement in technology, everything is going online and people love to use smartphones with a range of different apps in them. New technologies are booming and this is an alarm for the developers that they need to be updated every minute, else they will be useless. There have been a lot of changes in last few years in respect of the development of websites or apps as well.

Earlier, the apps were created using simple IDEs which did not include many of the features like today’s IDEs which are far more powerful than the later. App development has seen great changes in the frameworks and the use of APIs as well.

Introducing iBeacon

iBeacon is a new technology and is introduced in iOS7. It allows the developers to detect the location information for the apps. iBeacon app development is an exciting technology that has conquered the whole world. iBeacons are basically small lighthouses that send out the signals in order to get detected by the mobile app. The app is programmed in a way that it senses the nearby iBeacons available.

Commercial offerings, ads related to the current location, various offers are only possible because of the iBeacon technology nowadays. A region around any object is detected using the Bluetooth Low Energy. It is a device that uses the iBeacon technology to detect the locations around the app. The iBeacon is Apple’s technology and there are several companies that develop iBeacon.

Location Marketing Using iBeacon

Location marketing or advertising using iBeacon technology is on the rise. There are a number of commercial companies who are willing to promote their local products to the user. The promotion is only possible using the iBeacon technology, which is able to detect the location of the app and thus provides the user with location specific information.

Availability Of iBeacon Technology

iBeacon technology is available with the following group of people:

  1. Developers using iBeacon technology

    Adding the location awareness in the apps is one of the latest trends with most of the developers. Whenever an iOS device is moved out or in the iBeacon region, the iOS app detects this action immediately.

  2. Deployment of iBeacon technology

    This is another group of people who uses the iBeacon technology using the different apps based on this technology. The people managing the museum, a retail store should be aware of using the iBeacon technology in different areas. It is important for the people to understand the deployment of the iBeacon technology and how to test this in their museum or retail store or any other place where this technology is going to be used.

  3. Manufacturing of iBeacon devices

    Another group of people who are related to the iBeacon technology are the people who are involved in the manufacturing of the devices with iBeacon technology. In order to manufacture these devices, a proper license needs to be obtained beforehand.

The Challenges Involved With The iBeacon Technology

It is true that the iBeacon technology is getting popular these days, but along with the ease of using the technology, there are many challenges that the developers or the manufacturers need to take into consideration.

  • Presence of two beacons at the same place

    This can be one of the most common problems that can arise while using the iBeacon detection. It may happen that the app detects one beacon at some place and at the same time it detects another beacon at the same place. This can cause the app to toggle the beacon with each other. This is a serious issue that needs to be taken care of.

  • Loosing contact with the beacons

    It is also a common problem that you might lose a beacon nearby for a small interval of time.

  • Delay in notifications

    The lock screen notifications can be delayed as well. This is also a serious problem that needs to be taken into consideration.

With the rise in the use of iBeacon technology, there are a number of companies that are planning to use this new and exciting technology in their apps. More and more developers are going into working with this technology as this will going to be one of the most creative technologies in the coming time.

The iBeacon app development company is using the iBeacon technology in order to get closer to the users. The local market is very big and using this technology to identify the location specific information is one of the greatest inventions of today and this cannot be denied that this will conquer all other technologies available in the market.