10 iPhone Apps For Bloggers To Create Content Inspirationally

Blogging and content writing are unbelievably creative. To organize your thoughts in a logical sequence, find appropriate words, and write ornate sentences, you need to have a lot of skills. But at the same time to create sharable and curable content you should spend a lot of energy and moral power. The matter is that to give the energy anywhere you must take the thoughts and inspiration somewhere. Well, why not use mobile apps to obtain the required inspiration?



Evernote is an empty sheet for your emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Being cross-platform, it lets you put down your thoughts everywhere and at the same time take it every time. It is not so inspirational, it is more organizing, but without being well-organized, there is no way to catch inspiration and write it down in time.

The app also allows you to create to-do lists, notes with photos, audios and different notebooks. Just write the blog post as you see it and then copy-past to your WordPress website.



They say that to create beauty, you must look at beautiful things more and more. The most inspirational are images of far away cities and paradise corners. So, find some breathtaking Instagram or Flickr accounts, led by professional photographers and keep looking at them when you need some air.

This is no longer waste of time, as you get new ideas and make your world perception more colorful and bright.



Storytelling is one of the most efficient tools of blogging. Every article and every post must contain a story inside. But sometimes your own stories (or which you read in books, or watched in movies) are not enough to feel the atmosphere of a new blog post.

You may get inspired reading news and other people’s thoughts and stories on Twitter or Feedly. If you have great imagination, you can even put yourself into other person’s shoes and start creating as if you were something else. And it is not only about the artistic posts: informational ones must contain some story background, too.


2048/Carcassonne/Monument Valley

Sometimes you need to air your head and get a distraction from creative activity. Games will suite the best, but the matter is to choose the ones which will not only serve as a distraction, but also boost your imaginations or make brains work.

2048 is the only one free game from the list. It is a math game where you have to merge numbers together. By fulfilling these math operations your brain is sure to have enough rest and generate some ideas itself.

Carcassonne is an iPhone variant of a popular board game. It is not cheap, but unbelievably addictive and worth paying attention to. Here you’ll need to find ways to capture as much territory as possible.

And Monument Valley is neither free ($3,99), but at the same time it possesses a lot of aesthetic value and tells us about a dream girl. Find her the way out and you will find your own ways out as well.


Free MP3Box

What can give you more inspiration than music? Only the music which fits your mood. With Free MP3Box for iPhone, you can stream either the very compositions you need, or go exploring the music field with hashtags like #trend, #bestof10years, #rock, #pop and the names of other music genres.

Use this app from famous Freemake software developers and listen to tender music, if you are in love, to energetic one if you need to wake up and to the classical compositions if you need to concentrate on the words you are typing.

But if we leave alone all the apps, we can come to conclusion that the only and the most burning source of inspiration for blogging are we ourselves. And all the third parties can just help you organize and stream our own inner flame into the right channel.