Working with a small business there are a lot of things that you need but don’t have the money to purchase them. I have found that most small businesses Quickbooks is something that is a must have. But what else is there I find that Quickbooks is even to big for the normal start-up business or even the mom and pop business. I am currently in the process of building a accounting/client/Billing system. This will eventually be open to the public for a price but I am going to open it up to a select amount of people just so that they can try it out and give me feed back on what they like and dislike or changes and errors that it is having. I was thinking on opening it up to about 25 people for testing by this summer. In this next month I would like any input on things that you feel a small business needs.

One of the aspects that I am going to have this do is make it so that you can register possible client and actual clients. With the actual clients this will allow you to register client and keep track of money that has been received from them and money that is still in the waiting. I felt that something that would be useful is a emailing system that sends you a email that a client needs to make a payment and it also sends a email to the client so that they know.

Another aspect that I am going to have this do is calculate the taxes on money received. Also a place for you to input expenses. I have a lot to do with this and would love input on the subject I would like to have this out to the public by this summer. I am at first building this to my needs and then building it to everyone’s needs. If you would like to send me any helpful info you can send it to accounting[at] or you can write a comment about it.

In order for me to fund this project I need some help. Donations would be great you can send the via paypal to shanestrong05[at] Or if you have any web design or web development work you can contact Chosen Development.

I am currently looking for a full time job in the web design industry. Preferably somewhere in the Lansing Area. I consider myself highly skilled in XHTML, CSS, and WordPress other skills are MySQL, PHP, Java, VB, and currently learning and ASP. If possible I would like to become a Lansing Web Developer somewhere in the Lansing Area. I feel that the Lansing Web Industry is going up even though it is a little slow right now.

Thanks You For Your Help