Finally – A Search for WordPress Themes

It is well known that WordPress is by far the dominant CMS platform around the world boasting to power 17.5% of the web. Over the last few years over 150 companies have cropped up that produce and sell WordPress themes for the WP community. A conservative estimate puts the total amount of premium WordPress themes somewhere over 7,000 to say nothing of all of the free ones that are available on (1,600+) or other sites. The total number of themes available is well over 10,000!

With so many themes you can almost be guaranteed that the one you’re looking for is out there… somewhere. The difficulty is finding it. With themes scattered across 200+ websites it can be quite a task to sift through them all to find the one you’re looking for. Or at least it used to be.

We have recently launched a site which has brought together all of the themes from each of 100+ theme companies on the web into one place, organized them, and built in some decent search functionality that allows users to search by keyword, pricing structure (theme clubs vs single themes), category (business, magazine, e-commerce stores, etc.), and much coveted options such as responsiveness, buddypress compatibility, HTML5/CSS3, and whether or not the header and logo can be easily customized.

Theme aggregates are not new a new concept, and there are plenty of them on the web, but most of them are not very well maintained. They are full of broken links to themes or theme companies that no longer exist or haven’t been updated in years. However, we update our index a few times a month taking down old themes and putting up new ones in order to keep the index fresh and useful. We even periodically go through and update the theme info of individual themes as these themes become responsive or get new features added. And if for some reason browsing through themes doesn’t do it for you, we occasionally do reviews of some of the more popular themes (like this review of a classified ads theme), plugin reviews, or comparisons of several similar themes. If there is a theme review or comparison you’d like to see, just let us know, and if we get enough support around that theme, we’ll do a review for you.

All in all we’re VERY excited to offer this type of much needed site to the WP community! While it would be great to have an index of every WP theme in existence, we think this is a good start.