It is well known that WordPress is by far the dominant CMS platform around the world boasting to power 17.5% of the web. Over the last few years over 150 companies have cropped up that produce and sell WordPress themes for the WP community. A conservative estimate puts the total amount of premium WordPress themes somewhere

There are seemingly endless ways to market a local business online these days. From a website, to SEO, to search engine places pages, to pay per click marketing, to buying leads, to social media – there are more avenues to utilize for even many local marketing firms to keep up with. If you have done

Our last post in the Link Building series covered the technique of commenting on blogs in order to get relevant links back to your website. This post will cover more tips for commenting on blogs that will help you get even better results! Government and Educational Blogs. It is well known that Google tends to

Blog commenting is one of the quickest most effective ways of building links to your website. Anyone can set up a blog these days and many people do! Companies have blogs, individuals have blogs, informational websites have blogs, government websites have blogs, any pretty much everyone else. Blogs exist for pretty much every conceivable niche