Most of these backgrounds will need to have a background color unless you want white. All of my backgrounds are free to download and edit as you like. All I ask is you give me a link in your site anywhere. Thanks

Background Swirl

Swirlgreen Black Background

My Swirl backgrounds are done with a width of 1000px, a height of 1500px, and is a png24 image.

Swirl Black: Swirl Black (1274 downloads)

Swirl Blue: Swirl Blue (1243 downloads)

Swirl Blue Pink: Swirl Blue Pink (1265 downloads)

Swirl Dark Green: Swirl Dark Green (1241 downloads)

Swirl Green: Swirl Green (1267 downloads)

Swirl Green Blue: Swirl Green Blue (1313 downloads)

Swirl Light Blue: Swirl Light Blue (1251 downloads)

Swirl Orange: Swirl Orange (1246 downloads)

Swirl Pink: Swirl Pink (1261 downloads)

Background Twist

Twist Background

My Twist backgrounds are done with a width of 1200px, height of 1200px, and is a png24 image.

Twist Blue: Twist Blue (1298 downloads)

Twist Bright Blue: Twist Bright Blue (1207 downloads)

Twist Green: Twist Green (1254 downloads)

Twist Red Orange: Twist Red Orange (1192 downloads)

If you could I would appreciate it if you would leave a comment on these backgrounds or go to my contact page and send me a email telling me what you like and dislike about them.