In the early days of the web, all sites were static. They were comprised of HTML, CSS (a little later), and sometimes JavaScript. Later, we developed content management systems that included server-side processing using languages like PHP and databases like MySQL. Server-side scripting allows content to be dynamic – it enables us to build interactive

Dynamic vs Static

WordPress isn’t the most popular content management system in the world without reason. It’s extremely feature-rich, with a gallery of both free and premium plugins that allow the platform to do…well, pretty much anything. Like any tool, however, WordPress is only really powerful if you know how to use it. That’s especially true if you’re

WordPress Supercharge

The advancement of IT security for a business is necessary as technology continues to grow. There has been an upsurge in the number of threats to computers and other information systems across the globe. Recent hacking events have seen photos get leaked online, major corporation systems breached and various forms of fraud and crimes committed

Ethical Hacking

Massive changes occurred in social media during 2014. New platforms were created, advertising strategies and platforms continued to develop, and more people were using social media than ever before. The numbers, as always, tell the story: in 2014, approximately 1.79 billion people were using social media, and those numbers are expected to increase to 2.5

Facebook Social Marketing

One of the most obvious developments in content marketing over the past 12 months has been this: the audience is now in control. Content marketing is driven by demand, originality and the ability to serve a particular purpose. What this means is that poor content will produce little to no results thus affecting your business’

Content Marketing

If you have ever come to encounter with the CSS-based layouts that you must be aware of its ability of giving facility to position content and its various elements on a page in the most impressive manner. This way it gives structure to our design and direct us in displaying content in an incredible way.


Developing a mobile app is the perfect way to further your business. You are not just allowing your business to be present on the platform where your target is, but also enhancing your visibility using a variety of platforms. While a mobile website is a good idea, mobile app secures a splendid space in the


When it comes to finding an advertising agency that will work for you – really work for you – big isn’t always best. While the largest agencies will be quick to tell you about economies of scale and range of services, they probably won’t be quite so open about the far higher cost of using

Small Advertising Agency

When was the last time you looked at a website and said, “Gosh that is some beautiful SEO work there?” Most website owners want their site to look professional and interesting to consumers. Great! A nicely designed site will help you capture business. However, a well-designed site optimized for search will bring in the targeted

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