It is well known that WordPress is by far the dominant CMS platform around the world boasting to power 17.5% of the web. Over the last few years over 150 companies have cropped up that produce and sell WordPress themes for the WP community. A conservative estimate puts the total amount of premium WordPress themes somewhere

Elegant Themes is one of the premier WordPress theme selling websites. Some of the greatest thing about there themes besides the price is how customizable they are. Most of there themes are built on the same platform so getting use to them is really simple if you are a web developer. As of today they

Ever wonder how many people out there are making themes for WordPress? Well, in a recent post by WMPU they reviewed some of the most popular companies producing themes. I thought it would be fun to take this a little further and figure out just how many themes I could find and how many theme

WordPress is really trying to make there cms as user friendly as possible. With the new release of version 3.1 WordPress has included a admin bar for logged in users. As a lot of people are wondering is it possible to remove this item that has been included. Well the answer is yes. There is